How does a long distance healing session work?

Time and space are relative in the Shamanic belief, and as the veil has lifted, quantum physics shows us this to be true from a scientific perspective.

In the quantum realm everything is considered energy, alive and connected; a conscious intelligence, connected to the web of all life, including the cosmos.

Therefore, the shamanic journeyer can take advantage of these principles of “science” (I like to reference the ancient shamans using this technology, rather than science, but I have listed it here for the rational mind) because in the journey you aren’t bound to the rules of matter/physical form, but can instead follow the rules of Energy or Spirit, which is therefore unlimited and timeless.


How the long distance healing works.

In a long distance healing I will journey with my compassionate healing guides (in the spirit realm) and perform a healing, similar to what I would do if you were having a session with me in person; yet I am working in the Holographic Field of the Universe.

You may experience a shift or feel “something” is happening at the time of the healing, or you may not have a sense that anything is happening at all, this depends on your sensitivity.

Also, as time is relative, you may not receive the effects of the healing in the moment when I am performing the healing; rather the healing may be “delivered” at a different time or date.

Generally though, the feedback I receive is that clients do feel  some form of a shift, if not a complete shift, in the healing they are requesting.

The best results come when you are ready to receive a healing on the issue you are working on. Being open and receptive  softens you in a way, that opens a gateway for your own best healing to occur.
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