Transcend the Storm – Shamanic Cancer Retreat

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  • Friday | March 6, 2020 to Sunday | March 8, 2020
  • 6:00 pm
  • Dunderry Park, Navan
  • 087 708 8998

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Transcend the Storm - Shamanic Cancer Retreat

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a difficult and traumatic experience. A diagnosis can bring up many deep emotions, fears and questions. Why me, What will happen and can I survive this?

From the Shamanic perspective this trauma leads to a Soul or Power Loss. We become disconnected from our soul to escape the painful feelings. All this, right at a time when we need really need inner calmness, strength and to be fearless. Instead, we feel lost, isolated, powerless and unable to stay grounded to directly face the illness.

Transcend the Storm is a unique weekend residential retreat designed to support the you through a cancer diagnosis. We use ancient shamanic techniques to enable you to face the associated spiritual and emotional challenges.

We emphasis the importance of Nutritional support. This food served at the retreat is the finest quality Organic and local produce. The healthy menu has been designed for maximum to those dealing with battling cancer, by Nutritional Therapist and Natural Chef Nicky Halliday.

The weekend is held in Dunderry Park in Co. Meath. This beautiful country house on 25 acres of mixed meadows and woodland offers a tranquil environment to connect to your heart centre. Dunderry Park offers comfortable accommodation in shared rooms.

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This retreat is for those who may have recently received a diagnosis, those who may have completed treatment are in remission and looking to find balance in life. We also feel that this retreat would be very beneficial to spouse/carer/sibling of a cancer patient and so you are welcome to bring someone with you who may be supporting you on your journey.This healing weekend is for those who have recently received a cancer diagnosis or those who have completed treatment and are in remission. This retreat would be very beneficial to spouse, carer or family member of a cancer patient. You are welcome to bring anyone with you who may be supporting you on your journey.

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-Meditation connecting with your higher self and moving beyond the chatter of the mind
-Shamanic Journey with your spirit guides connecting and grounding with nature
-Nutritional Workshop on various diet options.
-Presentation on the benefits of probiotics, living food and the importance of gut health.
-Shamanic Journey – facing our inner fears
-Firewalk – An ancient ritual to overcome fear and step into your power
-Discussion on the Shamanic perspective of death and dying – physical and ego
-Heartwarming Sound Bath with etheric gongs and tibetian bowls, wrapping up the weekend

All meals & snacks will be Organic, Vegetarian, and Sugar free to give maximum boost to the immune system. Retreat participants will leave with a recipe booklet for a selection foods consumed during the weekend.

The inclusive price for Accommodation, Workshops and Organic food is €395

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Gerry has been on the Shamanic Spiritual path for 25 years since spending a month in a coma with multiple near death experiences and acute physical trauma. This opened pathways to the spirit world and he initially studied Spiritual Healing (Chelation Method) with Thomas Jordan of the Hands of Light Institute. This gave him deep insight into techniques for channeling energy to the chakra centres as well as understanding past life relationships with trauma . A decade ago he experienced a second Near Death Experience this time of an ego death which guided him towards studying Shamanism and Transpersonal Therapy. Gerry is also self taught in aspects of herbalism particularly focussed on pain management. In recent times he has healed himself through yoga from chronic pain associated with spinal disc damage . Gerry, through his own life experiences, has gained incredible insight into the transpersonal healing potential of illness and trauma. He is the archetypal wounded healer. He has worked closely with many cancer patients in the past 3 years and it was through this experience that this retreat has been conceived.

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Tony is an extraordinary worker with the element of Fire. Having served a successful career as a fire officer he became a Shamanic Practitioner & Firemaster working now with the healing power of Fire to transmute fear and negative thought patterns. He will co-facilitate the workshop and lead the fire ceremony and firewalk as well as healing journeys around acceptance

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Ingrida has been working in the holistic field for several years in Sound Therapy and aspects of nutrition primarily probiotics and live cultured foods. She will be giving a workshop on the benefits of live foods in boosting the bodies immune system. She has worked at many retreats supporting participants.

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Nicky’s interest in nutrition was awakened when she travelled around the world and explored many other cuisines that different cultures were enjoying. Having studied Nutritional Therapy with The Irish Institute of Nutrition and Health Nicky was fascinated by what she learned about the connection between what we consume and our health. She went on to further study at the renowned Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts in Berkley California. Here Nicky learned not only about nutrition but how to cook healthy meals designed to create optimal health. This qualification has set her up to become a personal chef for people who are suffering from illnesses or for people who don’t have time to cook for themselves and their family. She has gained so much experience working as head chef at Farm of Life healing retreat centre in Costa Rica. Nicky learned a new way to live & heal, connecting to nature and practising meditation.

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Viktorija is a sound Therapist and Yoga Teacher with years of experience working with Cancer patients. She will close off the weekend workshop with a deeply relaxing Gong Bath invoking the vibrations of these ancient and sacred instruments said to be the sound of the cosmos.

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William is a young farmer passionate about producing and sourcing healthy chemical free and organic produce. He grows a wide range of vegetables on his farm outside Delvin in Co. Westmeath, has a retail Organic shop in Mullingar and at Sheridans Farmers Market near Kells every Saturday. He also delivers online orders from

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We would respectfully ask anyone considering coming on this retreat to take account of their current physical health and where it may be at the time of the retreat. The retreat is quite intensive but with regular tea breaks but does involve sitting on bean bags or lying down at times, Saturday is a long day with the firewalk ending in the evening about 9pm. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss this please do not hesitate to contact us directly before booking. If there are particular aspects of the retreat that of interest and you feel you cannot attend then this can be covered in private appointments with the individual facilitators.
Love and Light

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