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100% Bio Cistus Rock Rose Tea 200g / Lyme Tea

It is one of the richest sources of polyphenols – phenolic compounds belonging to the group of plant substances with antioxidant activity and support the human immune system . In addition to the polyphenols , it includes essential oils and special resins . Individually these ingredients are known to all, but their combination is unusual activity . As a naturally does not cause any adverse effects.

Polyphenols are organic chemicals present in the plants. It’s a few thousand different compounds. Polyphenols are the immune system of the plant ( anthocyanins , coumarin , flavone ) . In humans prevent damage to DNA cells , capture and remove free radicals , also bind and move out of the body heavy metals.

Exhibit excellent antibiotic properties ( cleansing is based on sources 100 times stronger than Tamiflu) . Anti-inflammatory , antiviral , antibacterial and antifungal . Inhibit the growth of viruses and protect against them, sealing the capillary. Acting przeciwhistaminowo reduce allergic reactions. They are helpful in hypertensive disease , angina, frostbite and diabetes. Prevent coronary heart disease , delay aging , positive impact on quality of life.

Interestingly , cleansing works in the treatment of Lyme disease – the spiral banding and inactivates bacteria, preventing their connection to the cell membrane. Because of deterrence ticks, is used by German foresters . It is given as pets .

The extraordinary diversity of polyphenolic compounds contained in czystku makes it so valuable to the human body . Polyphenols are 100 times more efficient and effective than vitamin C and 25 times of vitamin E. It has antiseptic cleansing and strengthening the body. It is effective in the case of gastro- intestinal infections .

Cistus tea can drink children from 3 months of age
To observe clear effects , cleansing must take a minimum of 4 weeks.
Method for brewing :
1 heaped teaspoon per cup pour over boiling water and infused 8-10 minutes.
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