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Cocoa Ceremony – Deep Heart meditation power of the Amazon plants

The Cocoa Ceremony is a sacred time and space for yourself in an intense and stressful world to get out of chaos outside and dive into the silence inside, so by feeling the energy of the heart, discovering the subtle powers of the goddess of fertility and love Ixcocoa. During the ceremony related to the feminine and masculine priority, this powerful healing plant as well as in ourselves. Cocoa encourages us to start with our true nature, which is pure joy, spontaneity, energy and love.
The Cocoa Ceremony may contain tips on how to find the right track. If you want to listen to new love, love within yourself or deepen your current relationship, release emotional blockades, let go of old patterns with results, or just get better

Cocoa is strongly associated with the heart. It was traditionally used by the Maya and Aztecs as a sacred healing plant supporting internal journeys to the spiritual worlds. It is said that cocoa corrects the imbalance between mind and heart, helps to fully reproduce the heart, feel compassion and unconditional love. Thanks to his delicate power, we touch subtle places in ourselves and open ourselves to the inner voice. Residents of ancient Mesoamerica called cocoa a sacred plant, they were drunk during the ceremony by contacting the gods. The Maya and Aztecs knew that this plant can use us as to go deeper into the heart, mind and heart of Mother Earth, and you can also enjoy your body and sexuality by rediscovering the true magic of healing power that is within us.

Cocoa properties
Cocoa has many extremely valuable properties supporting mental health and well-being. Research confirms that cocoa helps relieve stress by reducing the levels of stress hormones in the body and improving blood flow to the brain, which increases mental performance, awareness and focus. Regularly consumed cocoa, maintains smoother skin, normalizes blood pressure.
Cocoa contains many minerals such as iron, chromium, zinc and potassium. However, cocoa beans are primarily the richest source of magnesium. This element is invaluable to our body, and we often suffer from its deficiency. Magnesium protects the heart, the most important human organ, and improves blood circulation. It has a great impact on our mind – increases its efficiency and relieves the effects of stress. It also has anti-depressant effects and naturally improves mood.
In addition, cocoa beans are an aphrodisiac, which increases the desire for sex. They also contain phenylethylamine, commonly known as the chemical love relationship. This substance is released in our brain in moments of pleasure and sexual excitement. This healing plant opens the heart, gently changes consciousness, stimulates, blesses.

Cocoa can be used by:
Remove emotional blocks
• Let go of old relationships
• Better understand yourself
• Make contact with your creativity
• Increase concentration and mental performance
• Help deepen yoga practice and meditation

During the ceremony we will follow shamanic healing meditation deep into the heart, there will be time for silence, celebration, fun and dance.
Consuming high doses of this product is not recommended for people with heart problems and depression.

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