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Collagen – what is it and what is its function?

What is natural collagen?

Collagen is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. Collagen is a living, biologically active protein that is the main component of connective tissue. It accounts for about 30% of all proteins found in the human body. The purpose of natural collagen is to combine the building cells of the skin, bones, teeth, tendons, cartilage, blood vessels and even the cornea of ​​the eye with one another. The described protein has characteristic features, such as incredible flexibility and durability. Collagen also protects internal organs, such as the liver, stomach, kidneys, creating a natural protective layer around them. The role of the protein in the immune system is to prevent the interference of microorganisms, toxins and cancer cells.

Properties of natural collagen

Natural collagen has a lot of beneficial properties for our body, and the list of its beneficial functions is constantly growing. It is already known what natural collagen is and what qualities it has, now it’s time for specific examples related to the protein of youth. Why did women love collagen? Natural protein removes wrinkles on the face, perfectly smoothes those under the eyes, by the way eliminating the bags. It also smoothes the skin of the neck while improving its pigmentation. It forms on the surface of the dermis a layer retaining water, eliminates stretch marks, causing the growth of skin tissue, and lifts the flabby skin, penetrating into its deepest layers, and thus – regenerating it and restoring its elasticity. It relaxes and softens the epidermis, slows the aging process of the skin, firms and moisturizes, helps in the fight against pinkish and youthful acne.

Duolife collagen

Corrects skin defects, thereby stimulating the production of natural collagen. Eliminates skin discoloration, smoothes scars, soothes inflammatory changes of the skin, improves venous and arterial circulation, eliminates: cellulite, the effects of abrasions, bruises, burns, prevents stretch marks, enlargement of capillaries (so-called spider veins). Firms the bust, accelerates rehabilitation after fractures, injuries and childbirth. It removes the effects of insect bites, corns, it is also a prevention for “melanoma” cancer, stops the process of alopecia areata, brings relief to parodontosis. It helps with frostbite, regenerates the mucosa, eliminates trophic changes. Koi bone, joint and rheumatism, it contributes to bone matrix replacement, removes varicose veins, regenerates and strengthens hair.

Natural collagen is a precious substance, which in time begins to be lacking in our body. The protein of youth is produced on a regular basis, undergoing constant replacement only to the age of 25. After this period, the production process of natural collagen begins to slow down, and after 60 years of age completely cease. In order to inhibit the skin aging process, juvenile protein must be delivered from the outside. There are substances that stimulate the production of collagen, as well as those that provide collagen itself. Products containing valuable protein are in the form of tablets, creams, ointments, gel and in the form of drinking. There are also many products enriched with collagen on the market, but the supplement will not fill the missing shortages.

It is a protein that is the main component of, among other things, one of the layers of the skin (dermis). Collagen consists of a network of fibers, and this network is a specific frame for the growth of cells and blood vessels. So, you can call it ‘scaffolding’ for the skin.

Natural Collagen

It is a living and biologically active protein whose characteristic feature is the desire to fuse with the fibers of human proteins.

Interestingly, it accounts for about 30% of the total protein mass in the human body. In the case of an adult person with a body weight of 75 kg, 15 kg are proteins, of which 7.5 kg is just natural collagen.
Collagen for drinking

Over time, collagen fibers in our body are gradually degraded. Even after the age of 25, the cells reduce the natural production of this protein, which results in too low a level of hydration and flaccidity of the epidermis, which in turn is manifested in the form of wrinkles. Taking it in liquid form, for drinking promotes the regeneration of collagen fibers and slows down the aging process of the skin.

Collagen for joints

This is one of the most important proteins in the human body, it is thanks to him that the tissues and joint cartilages are durable, flexible and resilient. Unfortunately, with age and also with a very active lifestyle, the production of this important protein by our body may not be enough. In these situations, additional supplementation is recommended – it will help you maintain full fitness for many years. It is worth remembering that vitamin C is essential for proper protein synthesis. Thus, supplementation of vitamin C during natural collagen treatment promotes the proper formation of articular cartilage.
Collagen – a dietary supplement – when is it worth to reach for it?

Additional supplementation has a special justification in the situation when we want to achieve the effects described below:
1. Strengthening blood vessels – collagen strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and also increases their elasticity, thanks to which we not only improve the condition of blood vessels hidden deeper, but also we can prevent the appearance of the so-called. spider veins on the face or body.

2. Improving the appearance of the skin and increasing its regenerative capacity – supplementation with collagen will help in getting rid of stretch marks and cellulite, and will also favorably remove the remnants of acne.

3. Reduction of wrinkles and protection against their formation.

4. Improvement of joint function.

5. Improving the condition and impact on hair growth – collagen will also help people struggling with hair loss


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