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DISTANCE HEALING – How it works ?


DISTANCE HEALING – is an effective and simple form of spiritual help. A healer using quantum energy establishes energetic contact with the healed person and directs energy to it. Healing energy is an impulse that can heal our body, souls, limiting relationships or situations. With the help of distance effects, you can perform all cleaning activities, leveling space and energy centers, as during a direct meeting in the office. Energy knows no boundaries, time or space, so there is nothing to prevent the treatments being performed for everyone in the selected point on earth. All it takes is only intention and willingness to change that it exists in everyone and everywhere. Everyone can undergo a session, no matter their age, sex or state of health.


Feeling during the procedure is a very individual matter and depends on the degree of sensitivity of a given person. Lack of feelings about goals or excessive reception of stimuli does not determine the effectiveness of the procedure.

Remote sessions work just as effectively as during a personal meeting with a client.
During a distance session, I make a call via Skype or on a specific day and time. For the duration of the session, the person undergoing surgery should lie down and provide a comfortable space without noise, music or incense. During the session, you should stay open to receive energy. During the procedure, people often fall asleep and have visions. After the session, I discuss therapies with the client and listen to individual customer experiences.

Healing does not end when the session ends. Energy will be in the body for the next 2-3 weeks. After the surgery, different sensations may appear, so you should watch closely the entire process of change.



Each client has different feelings during the session, it may be: delicate pain in the sick places, which after a while gives way, heat, cold, tingling, waving, lifting, tickling, a sense of spreading, feeling of being lifted, seeing colors, feeling of flavors , smells, sounds or the presence of luminous people. During the procedure, people may fall asleep or have various visions.

After the treatment the person feels deep relaxation, peace and inner balance. Sensitivity increases, tears may appear, which are a form of cleaning, and the need for more sleep and rest may increase. Occasionally, flu-like symptoms may also appear after surgery. Such a process is a natural form of returning the body to balance is an important part of the purification process.

Each therapy is different. In the case of light ailments, it can last from 3 to 5 meetings. In serious chronic diseases, the therapy period extends up to several months. The frequency of meetings always depends on the time in which your body responds to therapies.

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