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Drinking water on empty stomach

Preferably on an empty stomach. And better yet, drink water immediately after getting out of bed. It is just amazing method which personally used and I see improvement (otherwise we would have about it here is not written).This particular method has its origins in Japan, where the earlier research has proven to be a cure for ailments such as acne, headaches, arthritis, fast heart beat, epilepsy, excess obesity, asthma, renal disorders, vomiting, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, diabetes, eye disorders, cancer, throat problems. Sounds unbelievable? To all this I might add that the water content of a small lemon or lemon juice to cleanse your body of unwanted deposits, so do not be surprised when you lose excess weight. Tombak in his book, he also writes about the combination of water with one teaspoon of honey.

Good and what it is? Three principles. 1 After waking up, before brushing teeth drink 4 x 160ml glasses of water (if you can not drink as much and gradually increase it to 4 glasses. 2 After drinking water do not eat anything for 45 minutes. 3 After breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat anything for 2 hours (or save the two-hour interval between meals).

This method has been recognized as a great therapeutic agent in the following cases: high blood pressure (30 days to cure), disorders of the stomach (10 days), constipation (10 days), diabetes (30 days), cancer (180 days), tuberculosis (90 days) while those with arthritis should go above therapy for three days during the first week and the second – every day.

This method is in contrast to the synthetic drug therapy has no side effects, but considering the amount of fluids you will need to empty a couple of times. This method is particularly effective if used routinely during each awakening.
How much water to drink?

Of course, the best structural drink water that is in the cells of the body (the other water must be processed by us). Such water found in vegetables, fruits, juices and the ice melted. It flushes out deposits from the body, removes old and dead cells from the body and is an effective tool in the fight against cancer.

The second option is mineral water, spring water, honey, lemon, no matter … The less processed water, the closer to the source of production, the better. The more natural water the better. Therefore, we discourage all drinking water artificially sweetened, colored, flavored. I would add that the more natural water, the more the reaction will go on towards alkalinity which is extremely beneficial for your health. Throwing lemon water or pouring fresh lemon juice, drink what might seem to be a lie – the water more alkaline!


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