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Raising Your Level of Consciousness Higher

Understand and shift your level of consciousness and you will attract a new, higher level of living.

Learning new knowledge, moving around emotional energy and creating new disciplines most often do not necessarily lead to shifting your level of consciousness.
When you understand consciousness, you will understand how life works. So we have attempted in many ways with metaphors, quotes, questions. progressions, laws, traps and even with humor and fun to progressively expand your grasp of consciousness.
Your consciousness level relates directly to who you are and your view of the world. And the bottom line is to change the results you want in your life, your consciousness must change.
To change our inner being and deep seated belief systems takes an ongoing tension of higher truths and concepts that create little shifts that eventually creates a larger consciousness shift that affects most areas of your life.
We offer multiple consciousness journeys that contain hundreds of creative resources, tools, tips, traps, teasers, truths, transformers and treasures. Integrate them into your life. Shift your belief systems. Watch your life change (for the better). Share them with others.

These resources are short, creative, concise, impactful and transformative. They are designed to stick in your mind and easily be shared with others. They are meant to anchor increasingly bigger pictures of who you are and what you want to attract. Simpler is clearer. Shorter is longer impacting.

Our consciousness journey series typically cover 3 different levels of your commitment, awareness, self knowledge and intentions.

Sign up for access to all the consciousness journey email series and have them emailed to you one at a time so you have a continuity of progressively expanding perspectives as you traverse the consciousness journey. On completion of the consciousness journey you will receive a full list of material for that journey. We recommend you receive only a few journeys at one time to optimize your integration.
In a gentle and light way you will receive short, inspirational daily emails that connect more deeply with your heart, mind and higher consciousness and over time you will create little and then significant shifts. Enjoy your journey.


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