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Selfhealing by the BSM Method (allergis, cancer, flu, eczema)

How works the B.S.M. method ?The BSM treatment relies on placing the palms of the hands on the scalp, over the centers in the cortex which control the parts of the body that are ill.

Radiation emanated by the living tissue of the cells in the palms activates these centers to begin the process of self healing.

The BSM You need not believe in it , or have any special healing skills or properties. You only have to know where and how to place the palms on the head. Everything is fully explained in the book and demonstrated in the video film.

The BSM method acts by restoring the balance in the electromagnetic field that starts to weaken in the affected organs.

The energy which the body constantly radiates is redirected to reinforce the weakened electromagnetic field.

And because the BSM method acts on the brain, i.e. the central nervous system, which is a kind of battery and antenna for the body, the amount of radiated energy that everyone radiates is sufficient to restore the balance in the field.

This is not the case, as in other healing methods, where the action is aimed at the peripheral nervous system.


You can heal yourself, even from serious diseases, without medicines, money or the help of a healer. This method was discovered in Poland, and I have been spreading the word about it since 1977. Simply placing your hand on the right location in the central nervous system is enough to trigger therapeutic reactions. Diagrams found in medical textbooks or the book I have written show where these sites are located.

The official medical community has tried to hide the method or keep absolutely silent about it, but nobody should criticize its spread, because it concerns saving health and life. We often don’t notice that science is dependent on companies focused on profit rather than helping mankind. Doctors don’t see financial advantages in such treatment, but a threat to their competence and authority. We should remember that our lives belong to us and nobody is entitled to decide about or exploit them.

The BSM method brings advantages to us all. It brings profits to the governments of different countries. It helps improve medical companies and forces them to go up a degree. Medical corporations, as Hippocrats said, should recognize the forces of nature and extend human life. Big medical corporations should change their production profile. Medical universities should teach doctors this new method and co-operate in moving towards the best diagnosis of how this method under clinical conditions.


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