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Shamanism Reiki Singing Bowls

What is a Singing Bowl?

Singing bowls awaken a beautiful and powerful mystery . . .
They produce the sacred sound of AUM
Their rich sonic vibrations alter space, mind, and time

They are used for meditation and for following the Yoga of Sound
The sound and music of the bowls awakens cellular memory
and permeates the aura with healing energy

The singing bowls originated in the pre-Buddhist, shamanic Bon Po culture of the Himalayas – often called “Tibetan” singing bowls, they are actually made in Bhutan, Nepal, India, and Tibet. They are ‘resting bells’ and, as such, part of the Bell family, which culture seems to date back to a Bronze Age in China some 4,000 years ago, which, at its peak, extended geographically as far as Burma and Indochina. However, Chinese and Japanese resting bells are made in a very different manner

Some sources state that the bowls are made from the seven sacred metals, corresponding to the sacred seven planets: gold (Sun), silver (moon), mercury (Mercury), copper (Venus), iron (Mars), tin (Jupiter), antimony (Saturn), yet others that a selection (of anything from 3 to 9 – depending upon whom is being asked) from a total of nine metals was used (the seven listed above plus nickel and zinc) and yet another comprising twelve metals. Legend goes on to say that the iron was sometimes replaced by meteorite found on Himalayan mountaintops, metal from the heavens, or that meteorite was added also.

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