ZODIAK AND HEALTH ..Your Horoscope

Aries – head
Taurus – throat, lower jaw, thyroid
Gemini – the lungs and arms, as well as the even organs of the body
Cancer – stomach and abdominal cavity
Lion – heart
Virgo – guts, in particular the intestines and gallbladder
Libra – kidneys, pancreas, spleen
Scorpio – genitals
Sagittarius – hips, thighs, intestinal walls and bladder
Capricorn – knees, bones, skeleton, skin, muscles
Aquarius – the lower thighs, the nervous system
Pisces – feet, lymph glands, immune system


Sun – circulation, energy and vitality flow in the body, an indicator of general health and regeneration capacity

Moon – metabolism, body fluids such as tears or secretions, water retention in cells, mammary glands, menstruation, disease processes

Mercury – brain functions, autonomic body functions, speech, hearing, digestion in the small intestine

Venus – insulin secretion, work of such senses as: taste, touch, smell, absorption of carbohydrates, digestion associated with saliva, work of female genital organs

Mars – blood, in particular red blood cells, secretion of adrenaline, sexual activity, heat generation in the body, male genitals

Jupiter – growth and growth, kidney, liver, arterial function, fat absorption, excretion of poisons

Saturn – skeletal strength, absorption of calcium and minerals, teeth quality, is responsible for hearing, skin and muscles of the limbs

Uranium – nervous system, diaphragm functioning, oxygen absorption, allergic reactions, radiation, eclecticism

Neptune – psychic functions, sleep-related processes, lymphatic system, foot problems, some endocrine glands

Plutonium – regeneration, cancer problems, endocrine and reproductive systems

Celebrities have given Aries good health, and the most common condition that people born with this sign suffer from is headache – including migraine and kidney disease. Aries first aid kit should always contain painkillers and dietary supplements: vitamins C, B6 and A + E. Aries should also take care of what they eat. Due to the possibility of kidney damage, they should avoid ready meals and highly processed foods. It is best if Aries eats homemade meals or in good restaurants. As a protective talisman and to prevent migraine headaches, Aries should carry amethyst or agate with them. Vital Rams are also exposed to various types of injuries, cuts and injuries. Before a longer holiday trip, they should take with them dressing agents and ointment warming up and soothing muscle pain.

The weakest part of Taurus’s body is the neck. Therefore, he may suffer injuries to the cervical spine, thyroid disease and throat. Herbalists believe that both Taurus and Gemini after birth are particularly vulnerable to any allergens, since May and June are the months of intense plant pollination. Newborns quickly start sneezing and often have allergies with them for the rest of their lives – although their severity changes. Taurus is also suffering from obesity. Taurus love food and rarely can limit themselves. This sign cannot fight with temptation, in the form of excellent meals, so it must do sports: running, cycling, horse riding or dancing. Bull’s first aid kit should contain anti-inflammatory drugs, allergy medications, and vitamin C and A + E supplements. Carnelian is an excellent stone – Bull’s companion, who will help him in the fight for good health.

Gemini are the most vulnerable to all diseases of the throat and respiratory organs: inflammation, angina, and asthma. Most twins from the first and second decades of the sign have allergies. The next sensitive points of people born in this sign are: arms, hands and shoulders. Gemini first aid kits should contain painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, allergy medications and vitamin supplements, primarily – vitamin C. Gemini usually don’t value vegetables and fruits, but their diet should be rich in them. Fruits will help them overcome infections and provide necessary vitamins and microelements. Twins should also do sports to maintain good health. In this case, the best trips to the gym will be. The stone that will help Gemini in the fight for well-being is agate.

The weakest point in the body of Cancer is the digestive tract and stomach. Because Cancer is a born hypochondriac and his favorite store is usually a pharmacy, he can’t complain about the lack of medicine. Crayfish love pharmaceutical innovations – especially those that increase immunity and vitamin dietary supplements. The only thing Crayfish should remember is that any excess is harmful. Due to their delicate stomach, they should limit aspirin and salicylates and painkillers. Long-term antibiotic treatments are also not recommended. Cancers are prone to various cancerous growths, nodules and cysts. They should not smoke or drink alcohol. Moonstone and coral will be a helper in the fight for Cancer health.

It is usually thought that the most common disease affecting Lions is heart disease. However, people born under this zodiac sign also have back problems. For both heart and spine diseases, prevention is easier than cure. Lions should actively play sports and eat properly. All foods containing many fats, especially trans fats, are not recommended. Sweets should be limited to lions since childhood, because this is their greatest weakness. Sports that will satisfy both the needs of the lion’s body and its sense of style are: dancing, horse riding and golf. The handy first aid kit must contain lemon balm extract, mild sleeping pills and vitamins: C, B6, A + E as well as microelements and minerals: magnesium and calcium. In the interests of health, he supports the lion – ruby.

Virgo, like Crayfish, care very much for their health and for adequate supplies of first aid kits. People born in this zodiac sign often have intestinal complaints. It is worth remembering about all herbal specifics that facilitate digestion and prevent constipation. For Virgo, morning coffee with cream or milk is not a pleasure, but a duty. Coffee stimulates bowel movement and speeds up defecation. The best sport for brides is: running, cycling and walking. The safest diet is a diet rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables. Maids do not have a tendency to gain weight so they can afford a lot, but they must ensure that digestion runs smoothly. The products they should avoid are: cocoa, chocolate and cigarettes. The stone that will help you effectively take care of your health is jasper.

Libra do not have major health problems, which is why they usually care for them. In adulthood, however, kidney and bladder diseases may appear. It is also worth paying attention to the lower spine. Libra that have a standing or sitting job are particularly vulnerable to this type of discomfort. Gastrointestinal problems happen quite often to Libra . Their first aid kit should contain herbs supporting digestion, as well as vitamin C. The best sport for people born in this sign is tennis and running or long walks. The stone that will help the Scales in all health problems is quartz.

Scorpions usually don’t have major health problems when young. However, with age, gastrointestinal complaints appear. Scorpions must avoid spicy condiments and take care not to have constipation. In adulthood, genital diseases and problems with the excretory system may appear. Scorpions should choose their diet very carefully to meet the needs of their body. If they have a sedentary job, they must take breaks for short exercises. The best sport for the Scorpions is: running, tennis, wrestling, cycling. Their first aid kits should contain funds for constipation, medicines to relieve stomach problems and herbal teas for calming down and good sleep. Opal is a stone that will help in the fight against health problems.

The Sagittarius weak point is the hips, thighs and legs. They may also suffer from rheumatism in old age. So, first-aid kits should contain ointments warming up and removing muscle tension, as well as painkillers and vitamin C, which has a cleansing effect. Since Sagittarius should drink a lot of water, it is also advisable to supplement the diet with potassium and sodium. People born under this zodiac sign must play sports. The best will be here: horse riding, climbing and football. In adulthood, Sagittarius should think about improving his health at the spa every year. Turquoise is a stone that supports Sagittarius care for health.

Capricorn ♑
Capricorn are considered the healthiest signs of the zodiac. They may have problems with the knees, calves and shins, but injuries are the main ones. Capricorn can also have harmless skin diseases. Their first aid kit does not have to be well stocked. Surely, lime should be found in it – whose deficiencies Capricorn must still be supplemented and a vitamin E + complex. The diet of people born under this sign must contain a lot of vegetables, meat – which contains collagen and fruit. Capricorn should add olive oil to almost every dish. The best form of movement for him is dancing, volleyball, football and mountaineering. Amber will support Capricorn in maintaining good health.

If Capricorn is the healthiest sign of the zodiac – Aquarius is his opposite. Aquarius suffers from a wide variety of diseases, from the spine to nerve diseases. Their first aid kit should always be well equipped, both in pharmaceuticals and in herbal preparations. Aquarists are prone to osteoporosis, so they should supplement calcium deficiency since childhood. People born in this sign may suffer from depression, which is why sports and all physical activities can be an antidote to problems with excessive nervousness. The best sport for Aquarius is skiing, swimming and cycling. The stones that will help them deal with numerous health problems are: amethyst, jade and agate.

Pisces ♓ 
Pisces usually have problems with the feet and with the lymphatic system. When it comes to foot health, comfortable shoes are not enough. Pisces should watch their diet so as not to get heel spurs or other degenerations. All body cleansing treatments, drinking plenty of water and supplementing the diet with supplements are recommended. Pisces cannot afford obesity, which increases the chance of health deterioration. The best ally of those born under this zodiac sign is sport. They should primarily choose martial arts, dancing and swimming. The first aid kit Fish should contain: calcium, magnesium, group vitamins and vitamins A + E. The stone that helps in the fight for good health is chrysolite.


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