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How Blushield Works – Blushield Tesla EMF Protection – Official US

Did you know that NASAinitially developed a small Schumann resonance device, which generated a 7.8 hertz magnetic field?

This was done to help astronauts not have symptoms of nausea, changes in energy levels, immune system, etc.

Being outside the Earth’s natural frequencies caused problems. And so it is that today, we’re bombarded with unnatural frequencies all the time. These too can lead to issues.

When people start using Blushield devices what do they report:

  • More relaxed and “chill”.
  • Better able to focus.
  • Able to spend more time in front of a computer.
  • Less tired, zapped eyes.
  • Greater energy
  • Better Quality Sleep

How does it do this? The fact is that EMF’s are not bad for the body, not by themselves. Instead it really depends on how they occur and how often.

Blushield devices are based on natural laws and principles, such as Fibonacci and the Golden Rule. It’s far beyond just the Schumann frequency. This is important because, with all technology, we tend to find out down the road that those that are not built according to natural laws have negative effects that aren’t always apparent right away.

The fact is that you’re surrounded be frequencies all of the time.

It’s easiest to think in terms of sound frequencies, but this applies to all kinds of other frequencies too.

At the beach you hear the ebb and flow of waves crashing on the shore. But this is not a constant sound. It is thousands upon thousands of different sounds, different frequencies, happening all of the time.

Or think about the wind rustling through trees. Each leaf shaking against another is generating a unique frequency of sound.

Again, this is just sound, but it applies to light, electromagnetism and scalar energies too.

None of these frequencies are constant. If they were, like the Wi-Fi signal, it would aggravate your body and cells. Natural frequencies all tend to come and go. Blushield devices replicate this by having millions of different intermittent frequencies occurring every 30 seconds. These are both random in one sense, and built on the Pi ratio to create harmonics.

Spontaneous frequencies are positive to the body. Constant frequencies are not.

In addition, Blushield devices have a scalar component to them that is five times as powerful as the EMF’s. These work in tandem to help your cells work even better.

What this all accomplishes is that your body is better able to operate as it should be able to, without the interference that negative EMF’s bring. Blushield doesn’t BLOCK negative EMF’s, instead it provides a STRONGER signal, one that is based on natural principles, that your body wants to tune into.

Just check out what Felix, a student, had to say:

“I’m a year-12 student at Sunshine Beach State High School in Queensland. Last year my mom got me a portable BluShield device. Ever since I got it, I’ve seen a massive improvement in my marks, with my focus and my concentration, my energy, and my general happiness. In a world where electronics and Wi-Fi and technology is rapidly increasing everywhere, I feel it good to have my BluShield next to me as it protects me from all the EMF and radiation from Wi-Fi and technology. I feel like I concentrate better with it around. When I go to sleep, I make sure to have it close to me because I sleep better with it.”

The more time you spend in the field generated by Blushield the better off you’ll be. That’s why we recommend taking them with you wherever you go.

This is essential, especially when you’re traveling. You’re under added stress already from new microbes, new people, changes in food, and the radiation that comes from flying in airplanes.

If you’re in any city, just take a look at your smartphone and all the different Wi-Fi signals it can pick up!

We’ve got two different portable units.

There’s The Disc, so you can wear your device just like a wrist watch.

Or there’s The Portable, which can effortlessly slide into your pocket or purse.

These are great when you’re traveling and then you have the various larger models to protect your home and office.

Brandon Amalani

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