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Lyophilisate based on juice from organic beetroot – Natural Probiotic

It supports the body’s protection against fungal infections, bacteria and viruses.
It has a beneficial effect on metabolism.
It helps to maintain normal cholesterol.
It supports the reduction of blood pressure.
It supports protection against heart disease.
It helps in anti-cancer protection.
It affects the body’s resistance.

What to know – beetroot

 It has anti-cancer activity (but only from organic production).
 It regulates blood pressure and anticoagulant.
 It improves the work of the heart.
 Use 2 capsules once a day on an empty stomach, half an hour before eating.
 It contains a lot of potassium, vitamin PP, B1 and B2 and other minerals.

The secret of red beet juice

Beets cleanse the blood and flush out uric acid from the body. The juice contains the right proportions of sodium and calcium, which has a beneficial effect in heart disease and hypertension. We also find in them vitamin C and B1 (thiamine), the deficiency of which is manifested, among others, by weakness, memory disorders and depression. The next important ingredients are rubidium and cesium. Such composition is of great importance in the treatment of cancer. Antibiotic, anti-carcinogenic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral are also found in beetroots. They inhibit the aggregation (clumping) of platelets that leads to blockage of blood vessels. They reduce the fragility of blood vessels. They improve the quality of vision by increasing the blood supply to the eye and stimulating the production of rhodopsin important in the process of vision. They reduce the risk of colon and rectal cancer. Betalain contained in red beet inhibits the oxidation of cellular lipids and counteracts the oxidative stress phenomenon. Consuming products rich in betalain, for example from beetroot juice, provides the body with phenoplasts (phenolic acids, flavonoids) as well as folic acid.

In 2011, innovative research was carried out on the anti-cancer activity of extracts prepared from pickled organic juices. The cells of the AGS line (epithelial cell line of gastric cancer) were used to test the anti-tumor potential of extracts from pickled vegetable juices. The processes of proliferation and apoptosis as well as cell nerdosis have been studied. Extracts from organic pickled beetroot and cabbage juices cause the death of cancer cells compared to a similar control culture without extract, which means that these juices can therefore be used as health promoting agents in the prevention of stomach cancer and more.

Research continues uninterruptedly all the time. With prof. I have been cooperating with Rembiałkowska for several nice years. If there are no prebiotic bacteria in the silage, or there are too few of them, the silage is poor.

It is worth reaching for pickled EKO juices

As the message in the communiqué, Professor Ewa Rembiałkowska and dr inż. Renata Kazimierczak: The results from 2012 indicate that the content of bioactive compounds valuable from the health point of view (phenolic acids, flavonoids) was significantly higher in organic beetroot juice compared to the conventional product, and the dry matter content was the highest in juice. In the case of acidified beetroot juices, there was a tendency to favor organic juice for the content of dry matter and quercetin D-glycoside.

Red beets – other healing properties
• has antitussive activity, strongly fungicidal, relieves sore throat (angina), strengthens resistance against influenza, helps fight cold and flu symptoms,
• supports healing of ulcers,
• beetroot accelerates the digestion of gastric acid, which contributes to improving the pre-digestion of proteins and absorption of amino acids,
• a slight diuretic effect reduces blood pressure,
• restores the acid-base balance of the body,
• beetroot relieves the unpleasant symptoms of menopause,
• delays the premature aging process,
• prevents calcification of blood vessels,
• strengthens the immune system,
• treats liver and kidney diseases,
• regulates cholesterol,
• prevents numbness of the limbs,
• prevents osteoporosis,
• they prevent back pain and root inflammation.
• beets regulate menstrual cycle disorders,
• prevent vaginal fluids, inflammation of the cervix,
• treat gout,
• protect the body from fatigue,
• improve the condition of hair and nails.
• recommended to women during menopause, pregnant women, adolescents, children and infants.

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