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Secrets of detoxifying therapies

Ever thought about why the media : TV, newspapers, radio is a lot of advertisements that encourage us to buy and use a variety of drugs for hyperacidity , flatulence , headache, arthritis, weight loss ? You should know that the advertised products do not treat the underlying causes of disease , but only its symptoms – and therefore do not need to take them for a few days , but for years . And this situation is in the interest of pharmaceutical companies , but the recipients of these ads , that is, all of us – not anymore! Weakened digestion , dirty – and of cleansing – the digestive tract are the main cause of health problems. In the opinion of the British Royal College of Physicians , up to ” 90% of all diseases and states of malaise is directly related to intestinal contamination .”

In the digestive process involving numerous bodies – one of them the intestine is where there complicated processes involving digestive acids , bacteria and enzymes.

From Harvard Medical School report that we should really take care of proper digestion . This has to be one of our priorities. Otherwise – waiting for us a lot of health problems that are the consequence of wandering all food components (over a ten !) The digestive tract .
Two facts to remember

Poorly functioning digestive system inhibits the conversion of nutrients into the vital energy that our body needs so much .

Blocked digestive system , not only is the most common cause of constipation , but also inhibits the excretion of parasites and toxins ( autointoxication ) , which then accumulate in the interior of the body , which leads to damage to , inter alia, the liver, gall bladder, pancreas and other vital organs .

Purification of toxins , parasites and deposits , including cleansing of the colon, digestive system can fully absorb and utilize nutrients : either those supplied with food , as well as those derived from natural dietary supplements.

If so, and besides that – despite a diet – you can not get rid of excess pounds , is a clear indication that your body is contaminated with toxins derived from food , parazytami and worms .

Specialists in diseases of the digestive system argue that the cause of 90 % of them are contaminated colon .

Although most of us , as many as 60 % of the population , complain of constipation of varying severity , it usually does not raise our anxiety. The same is true of deworming – although this treatment regularly surrender our animals , we do not think at all about the fact that we have a similar problem with each other.

We have to stop treating it as a taboo subject. Time to reject the false shame and start taking care of the colon – because in this way you can prevent parasitic diseases . It is worth to do it before it’s too late! Get rid of illusions , and let’s face it : life in the civilized world will not protect us against parasites !

The most common symptoms of parasitic infections include:

-increased appetite
-weight loss or obesity
-pains in joints and muscles

-bloating and swelling
-intestinal irritation
-anemia and allergies

Parasites that multiply rapidly , excrete feces . Our body can not respond to allergy . Undesirable results in the presence of parasites that are malnourished – they steal valuable nutrients that are essential for good health and building cells. Parasites consume the remains of silicon , without which it is impossible to link between the brain and the rest of the body. Not only that : parasites can even lead to our death ! From the WHO estimates that a quarter of the population suffers from persistent parasitic infections that interfere with growth, causing malnutrition and inhibit the development of intellectual function in children. Living in us, attackers can destroy any part of our body. Probably as much as 55 million children in South America are infected with parasites ( these estimates do not include the popular pinworm infection ) . Health problems that are caused by parasites, grown to the status of a global problem. Analysis of cases of fatalities resulting from infectious diseases , has a high , as much as 80 -percent share of parasitic diseases . Schisomatoza kills 200,000 people a year . The World Health Report reveals that 90,000 people are killed human worm , killing 70,000 people amoeba dysentery , and 60,000 die from the roundworm – and it all happens in a year. It’s frightening numbers.

The majority are infected with parasitic infection while eating . But this is mistaken who thinks that vegetarians are not exposed to it . Parasites also live in unwashed fruits and vegetables , not only in meat products. Beef is a haven for a variety of tapeworms that reach the human gut approx. 7.5 meters in length. It is not true that cooked pork is safe – even she may contain trichinae , which then penetrates into the brain and muscles.

Research shows that even pets, whom we have confidence can carry worms and parasites . To make matters worse parasites live a long time – up to 50 years. It is hard to believe , were detected in the bodies of soldiers fighting in Asia and the Pacific during World War II. In the book ” Foundations of Parasitology, ” you can read that people are carriers of more than 100 types of parasites , not including bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is not easy to find a pet that does not carry even one parasite. But the matter is more complicated , because the parasites often become carriers of other parasites .

It is high time to abandon illusions and realize two things . Firstly, there is a very high probability that live in our body , one or more types of parasites . Second : parasites that prevailed in us , are a threat to our well-being , health, and even life!

How can I get rid of parasites ?

Before you give an answer to this question , we need to raise another topic , no less thorny than talking about parasites . It is about the state of your colon. She’s a bit like compost, in which parasites live , ” eat ” and lay their eggs . How did this happen?

When what we ate , goes to the gastrointestinal tract , the body tries to utilize it as a source of energy and nutrients. Excess food but partially excreted from the body , and is partly in the digestive system : particles of food ( Unused and non ) are stuck in the colon, where they gather – layer by layer .

In this way, a condensed feces and rotting . Colon should capture the residues of nutrients , but when it is covered with a dense layer of feces mainly captures toxins that need to be eliminated . This is the process autointoksykacji , or autointoxication . Unwittingly poison the body of toxins that accumulate in the colon. What are the consequences ? Health problems ! Naturopaths believe that most of the symptoms that are attributed to various diseases , has one and the same cause : it is a reaction to the presence of toxins, especially those of the colon.

What should I do?

You have to take care of your health and do not allow this to parasites ruining them – it’s logical. I simple, because in order to achieve the desired effect , you need to cleanse the body of toxins, parasites and plaque from accumulating there for years . Therefore, we propose natural methods cleansing body.

How can I clean the colon ?

First of all, we need to get rid of the layer of toxic feces. Our ally in this fight will be fiber, which is essential at every stage of human life and youth and maturity. Experts believe that fiber prevents intestinal ulcers , atherosclerotic changes and diseases that they cause , diabetes, vascular degeneration , gallstones , hemorrhoids , inflammation , appendicitis, constipation , and even colon cancer . To achieve the desired effect, should consume from 25 to 35 grams of fiber per day. Unfortunately, most people in the world who die prematurely , eat less than 12 g . Of fiber per day . In Poland, the average fiber intake reaches about 14.5 grams , which is far too small. The fiber comes in two forms: soluble and insoluble. The first reduces the risk of heart disease in that it leads to a decrease in blood cholesterol levels , and the effect can be compared to other sponges : absorb liquids , and at the same times its volume , then , like a brush, ” sweeps ” fecal remains in the anal . The condition for the regularity of bowel movements bowel movements are uniform for 12-20 hours after a meal. If such a phenomenon does not occur , it means that your cover layer of the colon of harmful food debris .

Important warnings .

Anyone who wants to take care of your colon , you should drink enough liquids , namely water. You should drink 8 to 10 glasses of pure soft water a day. Meanwhile, in our country, the average daily water consumption barely reaches 650 ml . It’s definitely not enough!

Drinking the same water , although it is very important , it is not an effective weapon against parasites . To get rid of them , we have to reach for the herbs . Properly selected , those that have been used for centuries , and helped to fight parasites. Do not hesitate : take the first important step.
Do not worry about it , that you have parasites. Focus on what you do to get rid of them !

And one more general reflection , but very important : start to take care of your health! Do what is in your power to eliminate the global threat , or at least minimize their effects . The sooner you start , the sooner you’ll recover and be able to fully enjoy life.

Statistics show that more than 50% of respondents are not aware of the threats that pollutes the body, and thus – does not see the need to remove toxins.

How toxins get into our bodies ? Penetrate from the outside , along with food and drink , during the process of respiration. Are not limited to:

The contaminated water, pesticides , plant protection products
In the air and flue gas
The stimulants : coffee, tea , cola , cigarettes , alcohols , drugs
The packaging juice – in aluminum, which is padded agent
The food ( preservatives , dyes , antibiotics ) , excess fats, proteins , breads, sugar

According to some authors, can be divided into seven phases of the pollution of the body , accompanied by specific symptoms : Although healthy look , often feel fatigue.

I. We are constantly tired , and in addition we break bones and feel headaches.
II. We are beginning to tease allergies, rashes, eczema.
III. We are getting worse ; begin to form stones , tumors, cysts ; appears overweight .
IV. Tease us degeneration , osteoarthritis, and so back pain .
V. We need to deal with diseases of the nervous system.
VI. Degeneration of cells and organs , causing the formation of tumors.

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Secrets of detoxifying therapies


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