Certified organic raw material Beetroot Bio powder 200g


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Certified organic raw material Beetroot Bio powder 200g

Beetroot powder
Certified organic raw material
Source of fiber and antioxidants
A valuable addition to the diet
Recommended to athletes

BeOrganic Beetroot BIO are powdered beetroots derived from certified organic, GMO-free crops. They retain all the valuable properties attributed to fresh vegetables and their characteristic, slightly sweet taste.

Beetroot (Beta vulgaris) is a common vegetable grown for consumer purposes. Specialists define beetroot as a functional food, i.e. the one that may potentially prevent diet-related diseases and contribute to the improvement of the body’s health condition.

Beetroot contains numerous health-promoting substances. The first group is betacyanins – nitrogenous dyes, which are responsible for the characteristic red color of this vegetable. They can quench free radicals and prevent the occurrence of oxidative stress that promotes DNA damage. Beets are also rich in betaine, which plays an important role in the regulation of the level of homocysteine, the excess of whose is associated with pathologies within the cardiovascular system. They also contain nitrates – compounds that promote nitric oxide synthesis and plenty of vitamins and minerals, with a particularly high content of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The high content of fiber in beets is also noteworthy.

Beetroot works great in the diet of physically active people. This is due to the above-mentioned nitrates. In the body, they are converted to nitrites (NO2-), which are further converted into nitric oxide (NO). Interestingly, the effectiveness of this process increases at low pH and low oxygen availability, i.e. at the same conditions that occur in the muscles during intense physical exertion. Many athletes consider beets (whether in powder or juice form) as a natural way to increase their exercise capacity.

The beetroot powder is an ideal option for busy people. Such the form allows for easy inclusion of beets into the daily diet. It works great as an addition to cocktails, smoothies, salads, and soups. It gives dishes a beautiful red color and a delicate, sweet aftertaste.

To sum up, BeOrganic Beetroot BIO is a high-quality dietary supplement, especially recommended for people who lead an active lifestyle.


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