DuoLife Aloes


Form liquid
100% natural, complete, liquid aloe vera 750ml
– Slows down the aging process
– Naturally cleanses the body
– Regulates water body
– Stimulates the immune system


DuoLife Aloe, aloe is a liquid enriched with honey and oregano. It is ideal for those looking for a way to preserve as long as possible youthful appearance and vitality. Naturally dense not evaporated drinking pulp obtained from the filleted aloe leaves.

DuoLife Aloes (liquid form)
Net volume: 750 ml / 26.4 fl oz

Your 100% natural source of youth for every day.

DuoLife Aloe is a natural source of health and beauty. It is ideal for those looking for a way to preserve as long as possible youthful appearance and vitality. Thanks to its purifying properties provides a complete regeneration of the body.

DuoLife Aloe thanks to its exceptional form contains more than 200 active ingredients that support the natural function of detoxification of the body. The high content of antioxidants not only strengthens the immune system, but also helps in the delivery of oxygen to skin cells, which contributes to slowing down the aging process, and increased flexibility.

Do you know that…

Aloe juice for thousands of years is known and used as an excellent means of allowing longer keep young and radiant appearance. This is due, among others, wealth of antioxidants and amino acids that are the building blocks for proteins. Furthermore, it is known adaptogen supporting the body’s natural immunity.

The pulp of aloe perfectly cleanses the digestive tract and facilitates digestion and thus contribute to cleansing the body of toxins lingering in it. In addition, the product is alkaline, or alkalized body restoring its acid-base balance.

Flower honey is a real wealth of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals unusually high absorbability. It is characterized by a high content of silicon – an element necessary for the renewal of the skin and hair, in addition hundreds of years is considered a valuable nutritional product in the states of physical and mental exhaustion.

Oregano is widely used in medicine and cosmetics. The extract of oregano improves digestion and absorption of vitamins and minerals, and thanks to the high content of antioxidants effectively fights free radicals.


ico_bottleIngredients: Aloe Vera pulp – 47.2%, 100% aloe juice – 47.2%, flower honey – 5,1%, oregano – 0.4%, citric acid – acidity regulator – 0.1%. The content of aloin (p.p.m.) <0.1 mg / kg

ico_capsuleHow to use:
25 to 50 ml once a day before meals. Shake before use each time. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake during the day.

preparation stored at room temperature. Once opened, store in the refrigerator and consume up to 30 days. Keep out of direct sunlight.

ico_add-infoAdditional information:
Due to the fact that the dietary supplement DuoLife is a natural product, the taste and the texture of its individual batches may vary, depending on the season and the raw materials which were used for production. The optional solid ingredients and form a natural process is typical for such products. To compensate settlements should be shaken before consumption. Children under 4 years is recommended to be given after consultation with the pediatrician.



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