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DuoLife Collagen does not contain preservatives nor genetically modified products. 100% natural, complete,..


DuoLife Collagen does not contain preservatives nor genetically modified products.

100% natural, complete, liquid collagen.

Liquid Collagen enriched with antioxidants helps to keep the skin firm and elastic, protecting it against early ageing and improving the health of your hair and nails. Natural Collagen ensures optimal functioning of the articular cartilage and bones.

Mango is a source of vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. This plant contains a glycoside called magniferrin which shows an antioxidative action. Due to the exceptionally strong antioxidative properties and the ability to eliminate the negative influence of UV radiation on the skin, it has found a broad application in the cosmetic sector.

Sea collagen has a very similar structure to that of human collagen. Its basic function in the body is the construction of cartilage and improvement of the condition of joints. Additionally, it plays an important role in wound healing and tissue regeneration. Its presence ensures the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

Glucosamine sulphate from crustaceans is a compound that supports the function of the osteoarticular system. It is a component of the articular cartilage and the fluid filling synovial sacs. It increases their resistance to overloads and it stimulates cartilage synthesis.

Chondroitin enables joint surface regeneration. It acts like a magnet capturing water and nutrients and provides them to the joint cartilage. In addition, it allows the building of calcium on the bone, which improves joint and bone resistance.

Acerolais the perfect rich source of vitamin C, which supports collagen synthesis. It contributes to smoother and radiant skin, supporting the function of the immune system and accelerating wound healing.

Common horsetail is a precious source of flavonoids, potassium and silicon which prevents hair from getting grey and also strengthens brittle nails and hair. Additionally, it improves elasticity of the connective tissue and bones.

Nettle is a source of silicon, which promotes the metabolism and improves the general condition of hair and nails. Silicon compounds contained in nettle keep the appropriate elasticity and resistance of the epidermis, connective tissue, bones and mucous membranes. Silicon is also necessary for collagen synthesis, since it influences its structural stability and the possibility of tissue regeneration.

Bamboo shoots are a natural source of silicon which restores firmness and elasticity to collagen and elastin fibres, thus preventing damage to osseous and cartilaginous tissue. The silicon content in bamboo is exceptionally high as it amounts to over 75%. The fatty acids contained in them are a natural solvent for pro-vitamin A and vitamin E, strong antioxidants which act in the skin and its appendages, delivering visible effects such as moisturised, smooth and young-looking skin as well as healthy strong hair and nails

Hyaluronic acid supports joint function by ensuring the correct resilience and viscosity. It improves skin condition by strengthening its cells and supporting tissue regeneration. By moisturizing the body “from the inside”, it improves the hydration of deep layers of the skin while also slowing down its ageing processes and promoting its proper moisturisation and elasticity.


Scientific opinion on Collagen

“To keep youthful appearance, optimal health and physical fitness, one should understand how important moisturisation and elasticity are for our internal organs as well as for the skin, hair and nails. With age, tissues become more and more brittle, also as a result of collagen loss. The natural DuoLife Collagen enriched with, amongst other things, antioxidants, silicon and hyaluronic acid is a perfect solution for most problems related to the passage of time and its undesirable signs on our body”.

Dr. Piotr Kardasz

President of the DuoLife Scientific Council


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