Organic prickly pear seed oil Indian Fig Oppuntia Oil

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Indian fig opuntia oil – natural botox for your skin
a revelation in anti-wrinkle skin care

Opuntia oil has been shown to be an excellent:

– Anti-aging and anti-wrinkles serum for the contour of the eyes

– Preventive care of the stretch marks

– Care of scars and cracks

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Organic prickly pear seed oil Indian Fig Oppuntia Oil

Indian Fig Opuntia – a plant from the cactus family that has been riveting the attention of skin care experts and manufacturers. It comes from hot regions of Latin America, Europe and Africa. Its fruit is harvested only once a year, after which it is dried in the sun, and then its flesh is removed to retrieve the tiny, extremely precious seeds. It is the seeds that are used for the production of currently the most expensive oil in the world – an absolutely special oil (not to be confused with widely available cheap macerate Opuntia oil). Just the cold-pressing process of the seeds is extremely time consuming and expensive. This is because the seeds are small, but have very thick shells. In order to produce one litre of oil, it takes approximately one million seeds from almost 500 kilos of fruits. The Opuntia oil offered by our company comes only from organic crops; thus, the product you purchase is of the highest quality, unrefined, rich in precious fatty acids, vitamins and other valuable mineral ingredients.

What makes this Indian Fig Opuntia oil so special compared to other products is its composition: the high (90%) content of essential fatty acids, including over 60% linoleic acid, i.e., Omega-6 fatty acid, and the presence of the unique and most active vitamin E (gamma-Tocopherol). Apart from precious acids and vitamins (A, E, F and K), it also contains minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc).

Such a composition gives the Opuntia oil very strong properties:
SMOOTHING – the presence of iron and zinc improves the metabolism of collagen. The oil smoothes existing deep wrinkles.
ANTIOXIDANT – its high content of carotenoids and chlorophyll significantly slows the skin’s ageing processes.
REGENERATIVE – it strengthens and restores damaged lipid barrier, replenishes deficiencies in fatty ingredients, including precious ceramides.
MOISTURISING – it protects against drying, increases hydration, and regulates the functioning of the seborrheic glands.
PROTECTIVE – used regularly it strengthens the skin’s immune system, significantly decreases susceptibility to ageing processes caused by free radicals, UV radiation, weather factors, micro-damage, abrasion and even tobacco smoke or stress. It restores the skin and improves the healing of wounds.
SOOTHING – through effective hydration it relieves skin inflammation, irritations and swellings.

The precious properties of Indian Fig Opuntia Oil are used in the care of mature, damaged, scarred or discoloured skin (it breaks down pigment residues, protecting the skin against their re-appearance). The oil can be used on the face (just two drops are sufficient for a full face application) or massaged specifically into laughter lines. The oil is invaluable for the delicate eye and lip areas, the neck and hands, i.e., the areas where ageing signs appear first. It is suitable for skin prone to blackheads or blocked skin pores (it dissolves sebum, cleanses skin and pores from oily impurities, e.g., heavy make-up base or foundation).

It is also suitable for sensitive and delicate skin. It improves the blood microcirculation, soothes inflammations, dryness, atopic dermatitis and dermatosis. Indian Fig Opuntia oil is fat-soluble. It can be successfully added to Argan oil, other oils or herbal distillates. As a result, you get an exclusive, luxurious product suitable for your unique skin care.

100% pure, natural, biological, virgin cold-pressed, not chemically refined.
Country of origin: Marocco
Liquid consistency, yellow-green colour, plant scent.

Size: 10 ml

Ingredients: Opuntia Ficus Indica Seed Oil

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  1. Dina

    Best oil ever way better than rosehip, jojoba or coconut combined. The smell is light and nutty, helped decrease acne scars and rosacea like no other and great moistrizing. Light and not heavy. Worth every penny.

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