Krill Oil NKO Omega 3 with Astaxanthin, 500 mg 60 caps


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Krill Oil NKO Omega 3 with Astaxanthin, 500 mg 60 caps

Has a wide pro-health effect
Has a positive effect on immunity
Characterized by anti-inflammatory properties
 Strengthens memory and cognitive functions
Contains unsaturated fatty acids
Perfect proportion of Ω-3 to Ω-6
Displays antidepressant effects
Supports the cardiovascular system
Reduces the number of triglycerides in the blood
Positively affects the lipid profile
Helps to reduce cholesterol
Supports the functions of the nervous system
Rich source of astaxanthin
Antioxidant effect

Aliness Krill Oil NKO is a dietary supplement in capsules containing Antarctic Krall oil (Euphausia superba) which is a rich source of phospholipids, Ω-acids 3.6 and 9, choline, and one of the strongest antioxidants – astaxanthin. The product has a comprehensive effect on many factors related to the health of the body, including the condition of the cardiovascular system, as well as the functioning of the immune and nervous system.

The product is distinguished by a large content of Ω-3 acids, including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which due to the presence of phospholipids are much better absorbed by the body.

Both EPA and DHA are produced in trace amounts in the human body, and their main nutritional source is fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna, sardines). To maintain their proper content in the body, a proper diet or adequate supplementation is necessary. Both acids have a positive effect on the lipid profile of the blood, lowering triglycerides, alleviating inflammation and affecting functions of the nervous system.

A typical diet is characterized by too high consumption of vegetable fats being the source of Ω-6 and too low consumption of fat fish rich in Ω-3. This product contains perfectly matched proportions of Ω-3 to Ω-6 acids. Too much Ω-6 disturbs the beneficial effects of Ω-3 acids. As a result of metabolic transformations, the compounds produced from Ω-3 acids are anti-inflammatory, whereas those produced from Ω-6 are pro-inflammatory.

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid derivative with very strong antioxidant properties that outweigh the properties of β-carotene and even those of α-tocopherol. Due to its unique antioxidative activity, it has a high potential to protect the body against many ailments, such as cardiovascular problems, cancer, as well as some diseases of the immune system.

Cardioprotective properties
Krill oil is a great support for the cardiovascular system, and its regular supplementation may effectively reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Ω-3 acids promote normal blood pressure, reduce LDL cholesterol and increase HDL levels, lower triglyceride levels, have antiaggregatory properties that prevent thrombosis and congestion, and counteract inflammatory processes in the arteries, thereby reducing the pace of the development of atherosclerosis. Additional benefits related to protection of the cardiovascular system are due to the presence of a powerful antioxidant – astaxanthin.

Support of the immune system
Krill oil works well in people with a weakened immune system, and in periods of increased susceptibility to disease. The beneficial properties of Ω-3 acids in the functioning of the immune system are related to its anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effects, which consists in limiting the excessive immune response, as well as the severity of the inflammatory processes that are caused by viral and bacterial infections.

Cognitive functions
The proper level of consumption of Ω-3 acids, especially DHA, results in improved memory processes and mental performance. DHA is the main structural element of cell membranes of cerebral cortex neurons in the CNS. Aging of the body leads to decreased DHA synthesis, which increases the risk of the disturbed functioning of the central nervous system. In addition, the astaxanthin contained in the preparation reduces the negative effect of free radicals on the brain and protects neurons from damage.

In summary, Aliness Krill Oil NKO is a dietary supplement that is an excellent preventive and therapeutic agent in diseases of the circulatory system. The preparation is recommended for all active and busy people, women, seniors, as well as anyone who would like to introduce into their diet a dose of valuable ingredients that improve the overall health of the body.


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