MIM2 – magnetic pulser / 5G WIFI EMF


Magnetic energy is the elemental energy on which the whole life of the world depends
prof. Werner Heisenberg Nobel Prize winner in physics

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The Personal Miniature Magnetic Pulse MIM-2 is a small electronic set of generators that creates a low frequency and very low power magnetic field with a specific pulse shape – similar to a pulse in nerve cells.
By systematically using the MIM-2 pulse generator, we regain energy and vitality!


magnetic field induction «5 µT
frequency (delta) range “1” ~ 4 Hz
frequency (alpha) range “2” ~ 12 Hz
single time pulse ~ 0.2 ms
supply voltage – DC 9V battery (6F-22)
current consumption <1 mA
dimensions 22x60x90 mm
pulse mass approx. 70g Battery life when used continuously – approx. 1 month.


Belt (1 or 2 pockets depending on the version)
MIM-2 pulse generator (1 or 2 items depending on version)


Protocol No. 46/7/92 and 47/7/92 National Radiocommunications Agency
MZ and O.S. Central Medical Technology Center Certificate No. NAK / 1833/93 – Test report No. NAK-823-1833 / 93
CERTIFICATE OF CONFORMITY CE / 13/89/10 / BE (Polish Center for Testing and Certification S.A.)


5-year limited warranty

To replace the battery in the device we recommend a regular Zinc Carbon 6F22 9V battery.


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