Organic Acerola fruit extract Bio 200g


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Organic Acerola fruit extract Bio 200g

An organic acerola fruit extract
A powerful vitamin bomb
A wealth of ascorbic acid
A source of antioxidants
Immunity support

BeOrganic Acerola BIO is an organic dietary supplement containing 100% acerola fruit extract. It is a natural treasury of vitamin C that strengthens the body’s immunity.

Acerola (Malpighia Glabra), also known as the Barbados cherry, is a tropical fruit shrub found mainly in Central America. The inconspicuous fruits of this plant contain a wealth of nutritional values with a pro-health effect. The consumption of ripe fruits is not possible outside the countries of their natural occurrence since they may easily get damaged during transport, and therefore, a powdered form of acerola fruit has been made as an alternative..

High vitamin C content
Acerola boasts the highest vitamin C content of all fruits. It is a real ascorbic acid bomb with very good absorption. Besides, acerola also contains vitamin A, magnesium, and iron.

Immunity strengthening
Vitamin C is known primarily for its beneficial effect on the immune system. Strengthening of the immunity is particularly important in periods of increased susceptibility to infection, preventing against their occurrence. Therefore, the supply of ascorbic acid is especially recommended in the autumn and winter and states of weakening of the body.

Source of Antioxidants
Vitamin C is not the only antioxidant found in acerola. It also contains valuable carotenoids and anthocyanins, which also exert antioxidant properties. Effective neutralization of free radicals may delay cell aging and protect against the occurrence of civilization diseases.

Other health benefits
The list of benefits of vitamin C is very long but especially noteworthy is its participation in the proper production of collagen, which contributes to the maintenance of the proper condition of vessels, bones, joints and skin. Ascorbic acid additionally supports the absorption of nonheme iron.

To sum up, BeOrganic Acerola BIO is an ideal product for fans of a healthy lifestyle, recommended for people who want to enrich their diet with high doses of vitamin C.


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