Organic Chlorella BIO 200g is a source of high-quality powdered microalgae


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Organic Chlorella BIO 200g is a source of high-quality powdered microalgae

✔  100% organic Chlorella vulgaris algae powder
✔  A source of valuable protein, iron, and vitamin B12
✔  A perfect addition to cocktails, pasta, and sauces
✔  Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

BeOrganic Chlorella BIO is a source of high-quality powdered microalgae, obtained from organic, Portuguese culturing. Due to the content of protein and valuable vitamins and minerals, consumption of chlorella may bring many health benefits, such as increased vitality, better mood or improved condition of hair and nails.

Microalgae have been used by man for hundreds of years for health purposes, and some indigenous populations used them as a source of food in days of famine. Due to the exceptional nutritional value and the multitude of applications, algae have started to be grown on a large scale. However, mass culturing often results in insufficient attention to quality.

The manufacturer, out of concern for the customer and as to take full advantage of the benefits offered by chlorella, has obtained a certified raw material that meets the requirements of organic farming, free from GMOs.

Chlorella vulgaris is a single-celled alga, highly resistant to adverse and changing environmental conditions, as well as extremely precious in terms of nutritional value. Hence, it has become one of the most popular food products belonging to “superfoods”. It is used e.g. in dietary supplements, cosmetic preparations, as well as in the kitchen as a valuable addition to many dishes.

Chlorella owes its green color to the high content of chlorophyll – the green dye, which is credited with detoxification and antioxidant properties.

The vegan source of protein
100 g of chlorella contains about 60 g of protein. This is a huge advantage, both quantity-wise and quality-wise, because it is one of the few vegetable sources of complete protein, containing all amino acids.

A source of iron and vitamin B12
Chlorella provides iron and the active form of vitamin B12. This is another valuable information for vegans who, due to the specificity of diet, are exposed to deficiencies of these two compounds.

To sum up, BeOrganic Chlorella BIO is completely natural, and at the same time convenient and easy to consume product that can diversify the diet and enrich it with valuable nutrients. The product is especially recommended to vegans and vegetarian


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