Organic Goji Berries 200g superfoods.


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Organic Goji Berries 200g superfoods.

✔ Organic, dried Goji berries
✔ Classified to the group of superfoods
✔ Perfect for cocktails and desserts
✔ High nutritional value
✔ A source of antioxidants
✔ Healing potential

BeOrganic Goji Berries is a product belonging to the category of superfoods. It contains dried, organic Goji berries, which made a real splash a couple of years ago and have been considered to be the undisputed hit among healthy food products to this day.

Goji berries are small edible fruits of Lycium barbarum. This plant naturally occurs in the Mediterranean basin and Asia and is widely cultivated in China. The fruits can be consumed in raw, dried or processed form (juice, wine, tincture, tea). They are a tasty and valuable element of the diet. They are also credited with healing effects and are often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Goji berries have a very high nutritional value. It results from the presence of a wide variety of ingredients that positively affect the human body and promote its proper functioning. These small, inconspicuous fruits contain a lot of protein with a very good amino acid profile. They are an excellent source of vitamins (B1, B2, B6, C, E) and minerals (zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, copper, selenium). They also contain valuable fatty acids and essential oil. The unique, red-orange color of goji berries is owed to carotenoids, among whose prevail zeaxanthin, which protects the visual apparatus and promotes proper vision.

Goji berries are a treasury of polyphenolic compounds that are known for their powerful antioxidant potential. It should be remembered that a diet rich in antioxidants may prevent premature aging of the body and is important for te prevention of civilization diseases.

Goji berries contain the unique LBP polysaccharide complex (Lycium Barbarum polysaccharides). This is a mixture of water-soluble glycoconjugates that are responsible for the healing properties of the fruit. Research results suggest that these compounds strengthen the immune system, exert an anti-cancer effect, and are powerful antioxidants. Besides, they have a beneficial effect on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. They may help to lower cholesterol and stabilize glycemia.

To sum up, BeOrganic Goji Berries is a valuable dietary supplement, which is a natural source of vitamins, minerals, and valuable nutrients. Due to the well-documented therapeutic potential, the product may also be useful in dietotherapy.


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