Organic Guarana BIO powder 200g


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Organic Guarana BIO powder 200g

Organic guarana derived from Brazil

Improves cognitive performance

A convenient powdered form

Increases energy level

✔ Free from GMOs and additives

BeOrganic Guarana BIO powder is an easy and convenient-to-eat form of the plant, Paullinia cupana, obtained from organic farming, without the addition of GMOs. Guarana is known for its energizing and antioxidant properties, as well as enhancing fat reduction and improving mental clarity.

Paullinia cupana – known as guarana, is a plant found in the Amazon rainforest. It has a long tradition of use in natural medicine to increase energy levels, reduce headaches, prevent muscle spasms, and improve circulation.

Energy boost
Guarana is a source of tannins, catechins, and other naturally occurring compounds. One of them is caffeine, which is responsible for the energizing effect of guarana. Caffeine exerts a stimulating effect on the body, preparing it for intense physical or mental activity. Caffeine effectively postpones the symptoms of fatigue, allowing you to get an extra boost of energy and motivation to act. Compared to synthetic or coffee-derived caffeine, guarana has a longer half-life, providing a gradual and long-lasting stimulation effect.

Cognitive efficiency
In addition to the increase in perceptible energy level, guarana also exerts a positive effect on mood and well-being. Studies showed guarana improved the so-called working memory, focus, and multitasking. Therefore, the plant can be an effective support for people doing mental work that requires a lot of concentration and commitment.

Fat reduction
Caffeine and methylxanthine found in the plant increase the oxidation of fatty acids in the body. What is more, thanks to the synergistic effect of substances contained in guarana, the rate of basic metabolism increases, which allows the formation of a larger calorie deficit. Besides, the above-mentioned compounds may reduce the perceptible level of appetite, which has a positive effect on maintaining nutritional assumptions.

To sum up, BeOrganic Guarana BIO powder is a convenient and easy-to-consume form of organic guarana. It will work well as an energy booster, support during training or intense mental work, as well as during the process of reducing body fat.


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