Rainforest Foods Organic Chlorella Tablets 300 x 500mg


Rainforest Foods Organic Chlorella Tablets 2x 300 x 500mg

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Rainforest Foods Organic Chlorella Tablets 2x 300 x 500mg

This bottle 300 tablets. Each tablet contains 500mg of organic broken cell-wall Chlorella powder (Chlorella vulgaris).

Product Information – What is Chlorella?

Chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris) is a blue-green algae, regarded as one of the world’s most complete foods. It is known as a popular basis to detoxification programmes. However, it is increasingly regarded as a useful general dietary supplement that provides broad support for a healthy diet. It is popular among people with active lifestyles. Two notable components of Chlorella are the green pigment Chlorophyll and Chlorella Growth Factor. Chlorella contains Vitamins A, B12 and D and minerals which include Iodine, Iron, Manganese and Phosphorous.

Production – How it’s made

Rainforest Foods Chlorella is produced organically on an island in the South China Sea using photosynthesis, the natural process by which plants absorb energy from sunlight. Batches of algae grow, multiplying naturally and rapidly in pools of pure water. They are harvested when they reach the required density. A Chlorella cell has a tough outer wall. While the cell wall is an aid to detoxification as it binds toxins to it as we digest the Chlorella, it also creates a barrier which reduces the amount of nutrients available from within the cell. Our Chlorella is a type known as ‘broken cell wall Chlorella’. After harvesting, the Chlorella cell walls are broken by a high-impact jet spray process before the Chlorella is dried and milled to powder. The cell wall-breaking process does not damage the contents, but does make them more available for absorption.

The tablets are made by compressing pure organic Chlorella powder into tablets. Rainforest Foods Chlorella tablets do not contain bulking agents such as magnesium stearate or any other ingredients. They are 100% pure Chlorella, with nothing added and nothing taken away.


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