Natural Vitamin C left-handed Acerola Powder 250g



Powerful antioxidant – efficient protection against free radicals

High bioavailability and numerous health-promoting properties

Boosts focus and memory processes

Supports bones and joints and ensures healthy complexion

Increases immunity and helps prevent infections

Conditions correct synthesis of collagen

Reduces sense of tiredness and fatigue

Improves functioning of nervous system

Convenient powdery form

Natural source of vitamin C

Aliness Acerola is a unique supplement containing Acerola extract rich in natural vitamin C. It is featured by excellent bioavailability, which makes supplementation efficient, and therefore its health-promoting potential can be used fully by the organism.  This preparation is in the form of fine, well-soluble and convenient to use powder that can be prepared with water, favourite beverage or added to a meal.

Natural vitamin C is a perfect choice for people who value organic products.  It has the following properties:

Huge antioxidant potential
Vitamin C is one of the strongest antioxidants which prevents the formation of free radicals. Its acts through transmission of electrons during various enzymatic and non-enzymatic biochemical reactions. In this way, it prevents oxidation of compounds present in the cell, while it oxidises itself, transforming into dehydroascorbic acid.

Free radicals cause damage to biological membranes and other cellular structures, as well as proteins and genetic material, which leads to the destruction of cells and is the cause of diseases. Oxygen radicals have been proven to play a significant role in the pathogenesis of such cardiovascular diseases as atherosclerosis, and a higher concentration of vitamin C in peripheral blood may lower the risk of heart attack.

What is more, ascorbic acid is involved in the reconstitution of the reduced (active) form of vitamin E, which, like vitamin C, has a high antioxidant potential.

Better immunity and more efficient immune system
Ascorbic acid activates immune cells and stimulates them to proliferate. Its concentration decreases during infections, therefore an additional supplementation of this vitamin is especially important in autumn and winter, when we are more often ill.

Vitamin C is involved in regulation of immune system function. Research shows that it helps physically active people – runners, cyclists, winter sports enthusiasts and others – reduce the risk of falling ill.  Taking this supplement may therefore prove useful in people, who want to prevent training continuity from being interrupted by sudden cold.

Healthy and strong bones and joints
Vitamin C is a coenzyme of proline and lysine hydroxylase. These enzymes are crucial for the synthesis of collagen of correct structure and function. Collagen, in turn, is a protein commonly found in connective tissue. It is present in nearly our entire organism.  Its largest amount are located in bones, joints, gums, blood vessels and skin.

By ensuring correct collagen synthesis, ascorbic acid helps to keep the above mentioned body parts in good condition.  It strengthens structure and enhances durability of bones, delays the appearance of wrinkles on the skin and supports proper functioning of joints. Collagen also takes part in scarring of wounds, accelerating their healing. By strengthening vessel walls, it may to some extent prevent bruising and effusions.

Better functioning of nervous system
Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system. They enable smooth flow of impulses between nerve cells, which is the condition of efficient learning, memorizing, perception and concentration.

Neurotransmitters, for example dopamine, have also a huge impact on our mood.  They can improve mood and decrease the sense of tiredness and fatigue, boosting energy needed for work and daily activities.

To sum up, Aliness Acerola is a preparation which contains natural powdered vitamin C.  It supports functioning of the immune system, protects against infections and contributes to healthy bones and joints.  The supplement also improves cognitive functions and is efficient in fight against free radicals.  Excellent digestibility and user-friendly powder form guarantee high effectiveness of supplementation and convenient dosage.


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