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Shamanic Reiki Healing
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by Eileen on Shamanic Reiki Healing
Fantastic experience

I went to Rafal not really knowing what to expect. It was a really great experience-very open trusting atmosphere from the start. He is very intuitive and I went away with a better understanding of myself and a lot of food for thought. I would highly recommend Rafal. I will be returning!

by Laura on Shamanic Reiki Healing

I'm so glad I chose Shamanic Reiki Healing for my first reiki session. Rafal is amazing, very intuitive and explains everything so well. I highly recommend it.
Thank you so much!!

by Luka on Shamanic Reiki Healing

Very professional! Very relaxing and it works!

by Jennifer on Shamanic Reiki Healing

I had a great session of shamanic Reiki healing with Rafal. The whole experience was excellent. I felt amazing after the session, I could feel my energies had opened up especially my heart centre - it nearly said thank you to me, where have you been. Rafal is very intuitive for what healing you need and what needs to be worked on. Thank you for helping me on this journey and for releasing some of those heavy blocks that hold us back in life.


by Marta on Shamanic Reiki Healing
Shamanic Reiki Healing


I highly recommend Shamanic Reiki, I was already in session two times, and im sure is not the end. It helps me, I feel very good after the session, I have more power to overcome various problems in my life. I was also on tuning forks healing and also recommended because it is a great cleansing of the chakras! Rafal is a person you can really trust 馃檪

Thank you again for everything!:):)

by Tamara on Shamanic Reiki Healing

Had an amazing session of shamanic reiki healing. Rafal was amazing, had answers to all my questions and explain to me some things I never knew. He is very open and he prepares you for a session so you can relax and trust him. I had that problem in the past with reiki sessions, but with him everything was easy. During the journey I learned things about myself and recognised what I need to work on after. After session Rafal told me what he noticed and gave me advice in what direction to point future work on myself (even I didn't like it:)). He is really amazing and I would definitely recommend him to everybody.

by Michael H on Shamanic Reiki Healing


It was my first shamanic reiki healing ever.

Even the fact that I wasnt sure what to expect, I need to say it was very good & amp; deep/strong!

I even received general advise and a warm welcome, explaination.

Can highly recommend it.

- Michael

by Luciana on Shamanic Reiki Healing

I really enjoyed the sessions I had with Rafal I found the experiences were rich and joyful I feel much more in touch with myself, my soul and the angels I greatly appreciate Rafal warmth and presence his wisdom and the time he gave me I would highly recommend his essions to anyone looking to improve any aspects of their life.

by Dorothy on Shamanic Reiki Healing

I just wanna say thank you so much Rafal for such a great experience. I had a chance to learn new things about myself. I've been very pleased with my healing. I took a chance and trusted Rafal.

I went for a Tuning Forks Healing but was small bit sceptic about it at the beginning. Didnt know what should I expect from it, how should I prepare... But now I can say that it was just wow! Rafal explained everything, he is not in a rush while doing session and hes really focused on his "client". You can feel safe which Im finding very important.

I was not happy with myself and didnt know what should I do at some stage of my life. During the session I got answers and saw solutions related to my situation. At the end I was laughing to myself and definietly I'm more calm and have more patient, Im not so nervous as I used to be.

I was struggling with various issues and I think the Tuning Forks helped me to deal with them in that my mood was very upbeat at a time when I would normally be down...

Im planning to come back for it in the future, but so far Im still benefiting from my last session Well worth to try If you like to learn and discover your soul and your minds...

Thank You!

by aneta on Shamanic Reiki Healing

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