Soul Retrieval

What is a Soul Retrieval

There are various causes for soul loss. Trauma, depression, accident or simple lack of attention might cause the soul to partly split to cope with the experience. Although occasionally soul parts might come back on their own, it happens that some parts remain out of our reach and cause a lack of vital soul energy within ourselves. This is when the shamanic practice of soul retrieval will help to regain one’s energy and vitality to continue a healthy path of life.

The symptoms of soul loss include a feeling of observing life rather than taking part in it. The feeling of dissociation an numbness might be a hint that some lost soul parts are not coming back on their own. A shamanic practitioner travels into non-ordinary reality in order to restore this vital soul energy for the client. Other reasons for soul loss might me addiction, chronic illness, depression, or not feeling fully ‘at home’.

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