shamanic journey

The Shamanic Journey

The shamanic journey is filled with mystery, and despite its ancient history is little understood in Western culture. The journey is fundamental to shamanic study and healing, providing a doorway into different dimensions and realities. The altered state of consciousness achieved in a journey allows you to transcend the limitations of the rational world. This tool is the passageway that has been used for centuries to obtain information from the other realms. It allows you to connect to your power animals and spiritual teachers and learn what needs to happen in your life to help you maximize on happiness and wholeness.

Journeying is one of the most effective ways to access information you can use to problem solve, get clarity about situations or just explore the different worlds beyond. The shamanic journey is actually common to all cultures and the nature of the journey is remarkably similar, even in cultures widely separated by era and geography.

In the spirit world, both time and place are illusions. The lessons from the other worlds are universally true, and draw from a collective consciousness that is accessible to all. The spiritual realm is full of helping spirits and divine love; you just need to know how to access the information. Although there are other ways to gather information from the spirits, the journey is the method I prefer and teach. My goal is to empower others to connect with their own spirit helpers. Who knows better than one’s own spiritual teachers and one’s own soul what it needs to heal and to grow?

Shamanic journeying is available to anyone willing to learn. The journey is a state of altered consciousness that is often induced by a sonic instrument such as the drum. During the journey, you meet a spiritual ally that is your protector and guardian. This ally is often a power animal. These spirit helpers and power animals are magical and they can do anything. Birds can swim under water, whales can fly, and tigers can talk. You can ask them questions and always travel with them when you are in non-ordinary reality. They do not lie or try to hurt you in any way. Their intention is to help you achieve the connection to the spiritual realm that you desire, and to be an asset to you in all areas of your life. Each journey will be different and some will be more powerfully realized than others. You may want to first journey with an experienced teacher until you have mastered the journey for yourself and how to interpret the information that is given.

There is much to learn about the spiritual realm. As with any skill, the more you practice journeying the better you will get. New worlds magically open up that are blindly missed by the human eye and the rational left-brain. I am amazed at what is available to all individuals when they let go of existing paradigms and limited perspectives.

Opening the mind and allowing Spirit to work unencumbered is what we often call a miracle or magic. Called Eagle Vision or Soul Vision, you can rise above the limited view of immediate circumstances to gain a broader, more inclusive perspective. Connection is your birthright; it does not come from someone else. Loving Spirit and desiring a relationship with Spirit helps your connection grow and develop. Each person has as much access to the spiritual realm as any other person. All people are spirits in individual form, and all can connect to the spiritual realms at whatever level they choose.

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