Psychic Readings

What is a psychic soul reading / healing? In truth psyche means soul. And most readers are tapping into the experience of the soul whether it be past life, childhood, or other worldly. The soul in us is that which experiences and carries the energy of these memories from one time experience to the next. In the end there can be no fxed and hard definitions of soul, mind, body and spirit, because they come from the Great Mystery which is undefinable. But man has never been short of attempts. And so here is just another point of view for which there will be both agreements and disagreement. We are all making road maps from our own experiential point of view. So let’s not get caught up in the terms and definitions.

Generally a reader conveys information from mind to mind. Whether that information is about past lives, childhood, pre-earth, or the immediate present. The value is found in the spoken word. Awareness can be and often is enhanced by this process and this is its true value. Otherwise it simply becomes parlor games for entertainment, even if legitament. People are able to make life changing descion often given new information or confirmation of what they sensed or knew within themselves. Often we go to clairvoysnats because we don’t quite trust ourselves. There are some whose presence is imbued with divine energy and this is the silent hidden gift that is being offered. This is what the connection is about. This holds forth the potential for healing in a deeper way then simply the enhancement of awareness.

What I offer is first and foremost healing for the soul. Our soul is not our mind, although it partakes of the mind. Its language is pre-conceptual and preverbal. It moves in the dreamtime land of emotion and dynamic image. But the mind, can in a sense turn on the soul and imprison its emotional truth in beliefs decisions and thoughts that can haunt us for millenia. The mind is the thinker, the ego, the one who wants to run the show and be in control. In the presence of fear it tightens its grip of control and holds body, spirit, and soul hostage. There is only one reason why it can do this. Because we believe who we are is this thinking, these beliefs, this body of suffering.

You must open the wings of your heart to the depths of your being. And if your heart is tight and afraid you must open to even that. Even by phone this is an energetic, dynamtic self-embracing experience for the soul and beyond. In the end, yes there will be much information coded in the language of the soul. but information for the mind is not the gift.

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