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Joint pain and symptoms

If you have symptoms such as mobility problems, knee or spine pain, morning stiffness in your limbs, it may be time for you to become interested in your own joints. These unpleasant and painful ailments can not only make everyday life difficult for you, but even lead to dangerous diseases....

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Vitamin B-12.

Vitamin B-12

Dr. n. Biol. Henryk Różański in his speech at the conference “Human – Food – Health” he was the first to speak about the subject – Which of the nutrients is the most underrated? He answered – Vitamin B-12. Nowadays, huge deficiencies of Vitamin B-12 are observed. Antibiotics destroy the...

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Secrets of detoxifying therapies

Ever thought about why the media : TV, newspapers, radio is a lot of advertisements that encourage us to buy and use a variety of drugs for hyperacidity , flatulence , headache, arthritis, weight loss ? You should know that the advertised products do not treat the underlying causes of...

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The Chakra System – Shamanic Reiki Healing

The Chakra system consists of seven chakra points or energy centers which function like valves or pumps that regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. This shows the correlation between functioning of our chakras and our decisions / responses concerning life conditions. It has everything to do with...

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Auras – Shamanic Reiki Healing

Auras Auras are the energy field that surround you and there are a variety of different cameras that can show you your auric field.  As your spiritual practices deepen it is quite common to be able to see and sense a person’s aura.    There are commonly believed to be 7...

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