Healing With Sacred Tobacco: Rapé Tribal Snuff

Rapé is another example of all the necessary medicines, I give to Mother Earth. Its properties can help in many physical aspects, but medicine can also heal the psyche. Civilization enters the stage where the understanding of spiritual laws will be an inseparable part of life. Rapé can help you understand these laws and, at the same time, heal in us what this treatment requires. What is Indian medicine and how does it work?


Shamans from the Amazon Basin, the tradition of taking tobacco, most likely from their ancient ancestors.

We are talking of course about the ancient Mayan civilization.

Rapé served as a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world, and those who apply it join with the Great Spirit, accepting his energy called Yushibu.

The power of the spirit acts like a powerful wave, washing away all impurities from the body.

For example, Marijuana in the plant world is female energy, opening our hearts to the beauty of the surrounding world, Rapé is male energy, grounding, restoring control and stimulates creative action, but we can also find mixtures of female energy Rapé Yawanawa Força Feminina.

I give the plant an injection of energy, at the same time combining with the primeval power of the planet.

Rape application


Taking medicine can be done in two ways.
However, it must be remembered that in both cases the most important is our approach.

Rapé is not a drug, respect for the plant is in the first place.

Each plant has its own particular type of consciousness, and when they are received, the species literally visits our consciousness.

Accepting Rapé, let’s have a meeting with the sage before your eyes.

Respect and trust.


We need the help of another person to accept Rapé.

Traditionally, Rapé is blown in by the Tepi-bamboo tube by a person sitting in front of us.

Looking straight into the eyes, we start from the left hole in the nose, symbolizing death, then right, or rebirth.

However, we can do it ourselves.

The V-shaped tube, where one end is inserted into the mouth and the other to the nose, is called Kuripe.

This increases the spiritual properties of Rapé, and the mere blending of the blower connects us with the energy of the Great Spirit, who is perfectly aware of our actions.


Each tribe makes mixtures in its individual and specific way. Katukina, Kaxinawa, Kuntanawa, Nukini, Poyanawa, Shanenawa, Shawadawa, Yawanawa are tribes with whom we cooperate and we obtain medicine.

Many people try to copy a tribal product, but they never succeed because they are one of a kind.

In Rapé you can find a diverse mixture of seeds of various plants, dried leaves, ashes.

Each blend has different properties on the human body.

Depending on what the Rapé wants to get or understand, he gets a different mix

For example:
Shanenawa is the ground medicine, the base chakra.
Kaxinawa Murici, Kaxinawa Warrior of the solar plexus chakra.
Yawanawa Mulatiero, Yawanawa Cocoa heart chakra.
Kaxinawa Cumaru throat chakra.
Parika chakra of the third eye.
Shawadawa Spiritual crown chakra.


Panema is the Indian counterpart of bad luck, mostly in the heart.

The energy wave, which pierces the whole body in the blink of an eye, is unbearable for all negative beings that are in our bodies.

Man in the blink of an eye gets rid of the unclean forces that mum him every day, covering the truth.

The chakras become harmonic.

Energy equalization is felt immediately and we take foot steps on the sandy ground literally with a hard foot.

At the physical level, Rapé cleans the sinuses incredibly.

It is definitely better than any chemical means where the problem of blocked septum goes into oblivion, after just a few applications.

Interestingly, Rapé descends the pineal gland.

The mystical organ responsible for the perception of the energy world is stimulated to action, while at the same time showing us new, unexplored recesses of the extraordinary reality.


Rapé is best enjoyed in nature.

The natural ties of snuff with Mother Gaia have the best effect on the human being at that time.

Barefoot, we sit down in Turkish and breathe deeply.

If we use the help of another person during the ritual, remember about the open mouth when blowing.

It improves the flow of energy, and we will not choke through this snuff.

If you are taking Rapé in a closed room, it is best to clean it first through herbs and appropriate mantras.

Put the size of the portion with your head.

The first procedure is best to start with small doses, then, if intuition allows, we can try larger ones.

Do not exaggerate, Rapé can cause severe dizziness, in drastic cases, even vomiting.

The spiritual medicine Rapé is just one of many ancient practices.

Academic medicine is about 300 years old, this spiritual one, at least to this day used, about 15 thousand.

It depends on us what we will consider a real medicine

Source https://www.odkrywamyzakryte.com/rape/ 


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