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Bio Organic Black Cumin Oil 250 ml Natural Healing Products – Oils , Herbs

Why You Should Choose Natural Healing Products

Bio Organic Black Cumin Oil 250 ml

Natural Healing Products offer you a unique line of high quality natural products specifically designed for beauty, skin care and your health.

Natural supplements should be pure, 100% natural and contain NO CHEMICALS to enable them to work with the healing power of nature.  But with such a wide range of supplements on the market, which ones should you choose, for optimal health?

At Natural Healing Products , we provide the highest quality Oils and Herbs.

Black Cumin is an herb commonly used include in Egypt as early as ancient medicine. In the Arab world today nigella sativa is considered to be a panacea and has a permanent place in every home medicine cabinet. It is referred to as “the gold of the pharaohs,” and the statement of the prophet Muhammad: black cumin heals everything except deathis a kind of monument to its medicinal properties.

In Arabic medicine used in the treatment of gastroenteritis , but it has a much larger number of applications . Works cholagogue , diuretic and relaxant effect on smooth muscle. It is a natural antibiotic . Anti-inflammatory , antifungal . A large amount of oil contained in the Egyptian cumin unsaturated fatty acids in the body plays a very important role of building material and supports the production of prostaglandins , or hormone-like substances which control the basic functions of many of the body. They support include formation and growth of cells . Polyunsaturated fatty acids are also beneficial effects on the immune system . They recommended the adoption especially in states of weakness , lower resistance , and the recovery after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids in the oil of black cumin Egyptian lower cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood , reducing the risk of heart attack , stroke , atherosclerosis. Black cumin belongs to a small group of plants applicable to the therapy of autoimmune diseases such as lupus , psoriasis , rheumatism, allergies. Signed in black cumin alpha – hederin has anti-cancer properties . Egyptian black cumin oil strengthens the immune system , it stabilizes preventing allergies . It detoxifies the digestive system and respiratory system. Extending the effects of black cumin significantly improves asthma symptoms . Nigella has an analgesic action , anti-inflammatory , strongly antibiotic ( antibacterial, antiviral , antifungal ) .

Original Egyptian Nigella because of the extremely high content of unsaturated fatty acids ( approx. 80%) , especially linoleic acid, omega – 6 (approximately 55 %) , oleic acid ( 22%) and alpha-linolenic acid, omega – 3 (ca. 1%) was considered by scientists to be the most effective . Seeds at full maturity comprise from 0.5% to 1.5% essential oils and up to 40% of the fatty oil. From such seeds are pressed black cumin oil from Egypt NATUWIT . The composition of black cumin seeds in Egypt we find about 1 % volatile oil tymochinonu antibacterial , nigellonu of antispasmodics and saponins include melantyne analgesic . Egyptian black cumin oil is recommended stomach pain , gastrointestinal infections , for strengthening the function of the liver, inflammatory conditions , with an overall weakening of the organism. It is also recommended adoption of black cumin oil from Egypt in order to improve metabolism.

Egyptian black cumin oil applied externally helps in the treatment of psoriasis , acne , atopic dermatitis , eczema and eczema.

Black cumin oil can be used in young children as an anti- constipation. Lactating women black cumin stimulates lactation .

The beneficial effect of black cumin oil for health and skin care products was confirmed by international universities . Black cumin oil is considered one of the most effective antibiotics , anti-inflammatory , antibacterial and immunized .

NATUWIT Egyptian black cumin oil is a product 100% natural , not chemically extracted , unrefined . Cold pressed using only fully ripe seeds cumin Egypt. Bottled and bottled in Germany. It is certified BIO .

Recommended use : ** For the purposes of health directly take 1 teaspoon of cumin oil from Egypt, 2 times a day before meals . This improves the immune system , digestive system , lowers blood sugar , prevent atherosclerosis and heart attacks . ** Children under 4 years of age: 2 x daily 1/4 tsp . During chronic health problems , this dose may be increased to 3 times a day .
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