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Lyme disease, also known as Lyme borreliosis

What is the common fear of Lyme disease really? This is an infectious disease known since the 1980s, which still remains a big mystery when it comes to diagnosing and treating it. The direct cause of this disease is the borreliosis-borne Lyme spirochete, which is characterized by a spiral structure that allows the bacteria to move throughout the body. These microorganisms multiply and move in the environment of physiological fluids (mainly in the blood), therefore, they have a negative effect primarily on the nervous system and movement system, causing muscle pain or paralysis.

The onset of the disease is usually asymptomatic, but gradually headaches, bones in the bones, problems with concentration, shivering or numbness may occur. The active form of the disease primarily affects connective, muscular and nerve tissue, which is why the treatment process can be long, difficult and painful.

Lyme disease treatment

Effective therapy is based on an antifungal diet, and thus taking the right amount of probiotics and supplements that improve the body’s resistance. The more resistant the organism, the better and faster the effects can be obtained. The speed of reaction to symptoms is also very important. At this point, however, it should be mentioned that making a correct diagnosis requires a number of clinical trials. You must also be aware that even after curing, our body does not gain resistance to Lyme disease and bacteria that cause it. Unfortunately, there is also no effective vaccine to prevent this disease.

We offer you a modern BorelissPro® dietary supplement whose characteristic feature is the high content of valuable phenolic compounds, irydoidów, alkaloids and chlorogenic acid. The preparation also contains antioxidants that have a positive effect on the strength of its action. Appropriate efficiency has been achieved thanks to the right proportions of ingredients and an innovative formula. The BorelissPro® supplement is responsible for stimulating the body’s immune system and helps to mitigate the effects of tick bites. It is a product used by many specialists as effective support and an element of comprehensive Lyme disease treatment.
For whom?

This is a proposal addressed to people most exposed to Lyme disease, those who live close to forests, parks and meadows, but also mushroom pickers, picnics in the bosom of nature or just walking in the woods.


Dietary supplement DuoLife Medical Formula BorelissPro® is an excellent and, what is equally important, a fully natural source of phenolic compounds, alkaloids, irydoid and chlorogenic acid. All ingredients available in this product are responsible for stimulating the body’s immunity and easing tick bites. It is worth mentioning that this preparation not only manages the effects of Lyme disease, but also eliminates other parasites in our body. Appropriate supplementation preceded by a conversation with a doctor, helps to prevent Lyme disease, as well as inhibit its development when the disease is already diagnosed.

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