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Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

Talking stones as they were once known, are ancient and extremely successful instruments of divination known as Pessomancy. Each stone symbolises the physical and spiritual journey of the soul within the human wheel of life. The human journey has changed little and the soothsayers and Shamans of the ancient world could show us that their clients asked similar questions and had similar worries and requirements as people have today. We share with them issues and concerns such as the need for security, the love of a good person, desire for good health and a happy family life.

Talking stones like everything in the universe have a physical as well as a spiritual form. To truly function as a divination tool the physical terracotta talking stones must be united with their spiritual essences and awakened so they become aware of their cosmic purpose for existing in their present manifestation. The ancients created a simple awaking ritual to unite the talking stones physical and spiritual energies. This ritual is highly important as without it the terracotta will not be connected with their spiritual life force and more important, if they are not awakened to their Cosmic purpose they will never fully function as talking stones.

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I will be asking you to take your date of birth and follow the instruction

My date of birth is exemple 27/08/1982

2+7+8+1+9+8+2=37 then 3+7=10 next 1+0=1 so I’m number 1

what next ?? find your number and enjoy the reading 🙂

no 1 :This is the axis at the centre of the talking stones cosmic cycle of life. Its magical number is 1. Upright, like the human, it stands alone, while at the same time defining itself as the creator and the centre of the talking stones universe. It is the symbol of the great architect, the creator of all. It also represents the cosmic solitude of the parent awaiting the return of the beloved offspring. The figure 1 is the number of loneliness, symbolizing the feeling that every conscious being experiences at sometime in life

In divination the cosmic number 1, represents a person who is strong, individual and creative. People with this number are born leaders who are ambitious and sometimes domineering and aggressive. This is the number of innovators, winners and people who can be very self-centred and perhaps even tyrannical. Known as “the wander”, in a reading it forecasts that with courage one can achieve the impossible. The Mask of Fate usually represents a career-minded person who will devote more energy and attention to their chosen profession or project than to their personal relationships. In a reading, the Mask can indicate that one is about to receive an unexpected helping hand from fate.

no 2:The magical number of The Moon Queen symbolises eternal womanhood at the height of its maturity. This stone represents love, relationships and the sexual attraction between the sexes. It sometimes also symbolizes instability and duality of mind, indicating that the time has come to make an important choice, or that a person has reached a forked road in their life, with each road leading to a different outcome.

In divination the cosmic number 2, represents a gentle artistic person who is more geared to thought rather than to action. People with this number can be very changeable and may suffer from a lack of self-confidence. On a more positive note, they have great charm, a powerful intuition and a very inventive mind. However, their tendency to over-sensitivity and lack of self-confidence can sometimes rob them of the rewards and opportunities offered by their highly creative and ingenious mind. In a reading, the Moon Queen can indicate that a decision is urgently required in order to avoid one being forced later which will bring short term gain and long term anguish. One is advised to show greater self-determination and to start acting with a single-minded resolve if they really want to reach their full potential and achieve their goals in life.

no 3:The Water of Mystery stands for relationships and the possible merging of two souls. It represents the combination of two life forces – the male (1) and the female (2) coming together as one in the form of number 3. Mystics refer to no 3 as the ‘cosmic breath’ as it has the ability to create life itself. Number 3 is linked to both the healing and teaching professions. It has very strong links with the Celtic Earth goddess Gaia and is, in turn, associated with the fruitful Earth. The Water of Mystery, cosmic number 3, oozes raw female sexuality and the power of love at its peak.

In divination the Water of Mystery, cosmic number 3, represents a person who is energetic, disciplined, talented, very proud and independent, and who loves to be in control. People with this number are usually very successful in their chosen careers. They can seem a little superficial at times, but in truth they are hiding a considerable spirituality. They may also be overly fond of telling other people what to do or where they are going wrong, although in their defence, they are usually right! Known as the ‘Lucky Number’ number 3 comes under the influence of Jupiter, the planet of good-fortune. In a reading the Water of Mystery can indicate the start of a relationship, the birth of a child, or two people planning to live together. On a less positive level, the Water of Mystery may warn that not all is as it seems and it advises that one should look deeper and ask more questions before jumping in at the deep end.

no 4:The Sun King stands for the male, the material world, the four elements, financial stability and mental strain. It offers support to all the other stones. It also brings restraint and a sense that a payment is due for any help offered. The Sun King is practical and worldly (but not necessarily wise), and does not give without expecting something in return.

In divination the Sun King, cosmic number 4, is oriented to the Earth and represents someone who is steady, practical, with great powers of endurance and a sharp wit. The Sun King contains its own opposite, and as such will often see things from the opposite point of view. This can make a person rebellious and unconventional. In a reading, the Sun King can represent a person who finds it hard to make close friends, or those who may feel isolated and alone. People with this number are rarely interested in material things, but often find themselves over-worked and with little or no time to just relax and enjoy life. On a more positive level, the well-balanced number 4 indicates a life of material success and financial rewards.

no 5:The Swords of Conflict stands for that which is dangerous and changeable. It expresses the opposing forces of the mind and seeks to find direction by turning in on itself. Conflict is caused by the mind being caught between the past and present. This indicates that a balance must be found soon or one’s mental health may suffer as a result. The Swords of Conflict represent what mystics call the ‘hollow present’ and this element makes number 5 dangerous and unstable. On a more positive level, the Swords of Conflict are sometimes referred to as the ‘breath of life’ and are associated with the five-pointed pentagram which, in turn, links it to the formative forces of the universe. The Swords of Conflict are strongly linked to Venus, the morning star, illustrating that all conflict comes to a end in time and that the brave will ultimately triumph and follow their star. Sometimes the Swords can indicate that conflict is unnecessary and should be avoided if possible. Peace conferences are usually held at the end of all conflicts, but a wise person would hold the peace conference before the conflict commences.

In divination the Swords of Conflict, cosmic number 5, represents a person who is lively, sensual, pleasure-seeking, impulsive, quick thinking and, at times, quick-tempered. People with this number can be highly strung and may have trouble with their nerves. These lively, impulsive people are nature’s risk takers and are usually good at making money by unconventional means. They are single-minded to the point of madness in the pursuit of their goals and bounce back easily from any failure or set back. In a reading, the Swords can indicate that something that is causing mental stress is unreal or only in the mind. The Swords can indicate that an opportunity to put the past right and clear the air for a more balanced future is near at hand.

no 6:The Spears of Limitations stand for the dreamer of dreams. An individual who has become trapped and feels out of their depth and unable to move. The Spears of Limitations symbolises the triad, which is the number 3 doubled (3+3 = 6) and can stand for a positive, a negative, or a mix of both.

In divination the Spears of Limitations, cosmic number 6, stands for balance, harmony and boredom. Associated with family and domesticity, it represents a reliable and trustworthy person who is romantic rather than sensual. People with this number have a great love of beauty, are usually attractive and have a unique ability to make friends wherever they go. Despite a hatred of conflict, they can be obstinate fighters. In a reading, the Spears of Limitations indicate that one is prone to becoming so bound up in their own problems that they become indifferent to anyone else’s troubles. The person standing up for themselves and being prepared to take the necessary action to achieve what they truly desire could easily solve that which is causing the worry and mental strain. In a reading, the Spears of Limitations usually indicate that one needs to take time out to clear their head. Greater clarity regarding one’s situation is urgently required. Take heed of the old saying that none are as blind as those that will not see.

no 7:The Serpent of Wisdom is perhaps the most significant of all the stones as it stands for the complete person and the union of both the physical and the astral. Known to mystics as the ‘complete temple’ number 7 is considered the most spiritual of numbers. It preserves the idea of the seven ancient planets, the seven days of the week and the magical sevens found in the occult realm. The Serpent of Wisdom stands for the good life, but for all its holiness it stands alone against the world. It is the most creative of all the stones, for all truly creative persons must at times separate from the world to bring the creative divinity and heavenly order down to earth.

In divination the Serpent of Wisdom, cosmic number 7, represents a person born with a strong philosophical and spiritual outlook and usually not much interest in material things. The Serpent of Wisdom indicates a highly intuitive, or even psychic, person who can often exert a mysterious influence over others. People with this number are original thinkers and have the luck associated with the spiritual and lucky number 7, with a great love of adventure and a restless love of travel and the sea. In a reading, the Serpent of Wisdom can indicate a person who is highly evolved spiritually, what Mystics like to refer to as an ‘old soul’. They are open-minded and are prepared to see both sides of any story. They are also very fair-minded, and under no circumstances will they suffer fools or bigots gladly.

no 8:The Wheel of Life stands for justice, eternity, prosperity and happiness. Known as the intellectual number it is linked with that which is hidden. To the courageous it can bring adventure and excitement. To the over cautious it offers the feeling of security and the boredom of the mundane. The Wheel of Life is restless and, in a reading, indicates that one is about to be rolled forward into a new circle of life, or that one’s life is about to be turned on its head. Stone number 8 is a strange and rebellious number and is associated with worldly success after a struggle and a willingness to stand alone against the world in order to achieve one’s dreams. It stands completely against the status quo and is seen as rebellious by the many and enlightened by the few. All truly successful people must ride the Wheel at least once in their lifetime. The Wheel indicates that a time of great excitement as well as a period of trepidation regarding a major change is on the horizon.

In divination the Wheel of Life, cosmic number 8, represents both sorrow and worldly success. It indicates a person who has great willpower and individuality, but who may at times appear cold. In fact, they have deep and intense feelings, but are often misunderstood by others. In a reading the Wheel of Life advises that a risk if taken at that moment in time, will have a very high chance of success. It forecasts that one should expect major changes in the near future and that the cutting of ties will bring a feeling of freedom and excitement and all things new.

no 9:The Star of Destiny is called the stone of the writer, artist and teacher. It is the lucky number of love multiplied by itself (3+3+3 = 9) and the mystic number of great power and good fortune. The Star of Destiny represents the creative positive power of the cosmos. It stands for the beginning of a new and happier circle of life and the completion and successful outcome of a project. It is also the stone of great possibilities and the most positive stone of all. Of all the stones this is the only one that has no significant negative influence.

In divination the Star of Destiny, cosmic number 9, represents a fighter who usually succeeds after a struggle. It shows that one will soon have a chance to rebuild or regain that which may have seemed lost. A little sadness is sometimes the price that must be paid for a better future. With this stone on one’s side things can only get better. In a reading the Star of Destiny advises that sometimes the past and the present must be turned on their heads to create a bright and happy future for all. When you see the Star of Destiny you know that better times are just around the corner. The Star of Destiny can sometimes forecast opportunities for fame and fortune, or that a marvellous and exciting period in one’s life is near at hand.

no 10:It is said that within the spiritual essence of this stone are all created things and the secrets of magic itself. The Skull of Transformation has a special mystical awareness, and is perfectly balanced between good and evil. It is known to mystics as the stone of totality and wholeness. It has the power to transform anything into anything else and represents both the beginning and the end of a life cycle as it contains the number 1: the beginning, and the figure 0: the end.

In divination the Skull of Transformation, cosmic number 10, represents the most mystic of all numbers as it is the sum of the lucky 7 and the holy 3 – the cosmic numbers which link heaven and Earth and the eternity of the circle. In a reading, the Skull of Transformation forecasts final endings and can indicate that a most critical point has been reached in one’s life journey. A break with the past is necessary if one truly desires to start afresh. A time of great possibilities is near at hand, but sacrifices and true courage are required if one is seeking a higher standard of living and a better quality life. Great things are possible, but only for the brave and the fool hardy.

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