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The healing power of trees

Nowadays, a person difficult to understand how ordinary tree can cure even diseases such as gynecological diseases, epilepsy, headaches, when medicine throws up his hands.
Tree can be divided into two groups …
The first trees are taking up the negative energy – chestnut, willow, walnut …
The second group of healthy energy giving tree – oak, pine, birch (a natural healer).

In order to “charge up” the energy of the trees should be at a distance of 20-40 cm stand back about 5 minutes with the palms facing the tree …
You can also approach the tree, put his hands in his mind and ask for clean energy, and leaving thank.

Oak: Oak energy gives strength and clarity of thought. Man who charged up on the oak can be identified by a quick, brisk walk.
Pine: fills one with a heavy, dense bio-energy, charging the pine tree is always a big job for the body. Not recommended for charging pine for people suffering from heart disease and migraine.
Acacia: Acacia bioenergy brings freshness and vivacity, after charging at Acacia feel lighter, bio acacia is especially beneficial for women.
Clone: ​​clones have a particular strength when they grow along the paths within a 5-7m. Then form a human chain and one powerful bio.

Birch: Special tree, from which not everyone can get help, and the only one who really loves her and refer to her with respect. With such people birch is generous and gives them their power. “Who do you love birch, that when it is always healthy” – says popular wisdom.
Rowan: similar to acacia but slightly weaker. It has a large reserve of energy when approximately 6m there is no other tree.

Among the trees, however, are such that the contact which – due to their content of toxic components (eg yew, acacia) – Wash your hands thoroughly.
Using the power of trees, remember that the tree is a living part of nature, and to live self needs energy, so if you want to take advantage of the benefits do not forget approached with love, and then it will be reciprocated and get a gift from nature precious gift of energy trees.

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