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Torsion field, what is it?

The torsion field is very complicated, it carries a huge amount of information, without it there would be no life, it radiates from the inside of the Earth, which makes its uniqueness the nations, radiates from the Sun counting the time of biological clocks, for example menstrual or 24-minute clocks responsible for the cyclic growth of human cells , radiates from planets being responsible for astrological influences, thanks to that people differ from each other, otherwise everyone would be shopkeepers, radiate from a man, what we sense when someone looks at us from the back, thanks to human radiation we can cure with bioenergy, radiate from elements radioactive, nuclear power plants, transmitters, electrical devices, thanks to this we have diseases of civilization, and the pharmaceutical industry has the highest profits. Officially, there are no electronic measures of the torso field, and this is where the fun begins, because people are completely ignorant and at the same time naively confident in what they taught them at school – and this applies equally to highly-rated people treated as authorities.

Torso fields:

  • are everywhere
  • they are dissimilar to other physical fields
  • sensitive people feel them
  • they can heal or kill – just like any science, it depends on whether they are in the hands of noble people or degenerates, who express intelligence in their view of what others do.
  • in the academic textbooks of physics they have not been written, because the knowledge they contain ends in the 1950s, the professors do not know about their existence yet, their knowledge about the world is as certain as their claim that the bulb was invented by Edison, the contents of academic textbooks are in the little finger.
  • we know a lot about torsion fields, to understand them, however, you must have a minimum of intelligence. Intelligence, which does not judge, who does not use phobias and fears, which does not check whether it is allowed or not, whether university points or a bowl of soup will be obtained. Pure intellect.

Most of the experiences regarding the torso field were carried out in the former Soviet Union, where nations with highly developed analytical thinking live. To get to know what is known about the torso fields, one must read in Russian. For many people this is an insurmountable barrier, but not everyone has to know about the torso fields, and finally understanding the torsion fields is a bit harder than learning Russian and you have to spend many years on them. English texts are the translations of small fragments, or the interpretation of Russian experiences trying to forcefully insert them into electrical phenomena, which their authors read in textbooks.

Areas of knowledge in which there are torsion fields

(tested experimentally by DW)

Homeopathy – homeopathic healing information

Radiesthesia – tectonic splits associated with the incidence of cancer, radiesthetic grid

Ethnic influences of the earth – national, ethnic features, a small age of barbarism, the era of Aquarius

Astrology – signs of the zodiac, biorhythms, characteristics of planets

Radiation of death – astrological signature and constant signal

Satellite observation – torsion field generators, nuclear power plants

Chakras – characteristic biological elements

Acupuncture points – different signals from different points

Transmission of information through biological material – blood, bones (horoscope), collagen

Human associative memory – extracting information according to detail

Shape field – the shape of metal geometric solids memorized in the water

Biological clocks – 24 minutes, biorhythms, one-year

The influence of zodiac signs on individual neurotransmission systems – psychology and metabolism

Operator influence – the chakra of the eyes

Magnetotherapeutic and magnetostimulation devices – copper torso field

Transfer of torsion information over the computer network and disk recording – analog effect

Radionics devices – a large level of additional disturbances from structural materials

Metal therapy and gemotherapy – torsion field of the material

Water from holy springs – torsion field signal

Snow flakes – catch information during crystallization

Harmfulness of electrical and electronic devices – torsion field of materials + “fur”

Radioactive isotopes – a torsion field with information from the early phase of disintegration

Generators of torsion fields (Krasnobriva, lasers, LEDs)


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