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What is structured water?

Water is structured like a frozen state, ie a structure quasikrystaliczną, (like the structure of ice). This creates the possibility to pass the most important biophysical and biochemical reactions. Water saturates much better structured biomolecules body. Plain water is the only chaotic cluster of molecules. Molecules of the body are not able to properly locate the water molecules with each other, whereby it was poorly retained in the body. Therefore, the basic requirements for water are:
– Purity,
– Quasikrystaliczna form,
– Hexagonal form.

The need only spend a large amount of energy from the system in order to give the water an appropriate structure.

In such a case you prefer to drink just any water on the damaged structure which forces the body to work and loss of vital energy, or rather prefer to give your body ready metabolic water, the water having ownership of the return of energy when they enter the body (cells)? Would you like to have the water, to feel better in your body to quickly repair processes taking place?

In official tests of drinking water quality water structure practically does not assign any meaning yet. This is due to ignorance, ignorance and arogancji.Jakość drinking water in Central and Western Europe is regulated by the different regulations. They ensure that the water – that component 1 of our bodies and our food – do not contain any pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals, chemicals in quantities greater than normatively conceived and written by J. standards and regulations are met. But as important the fact that the structure of water quality is a critical factor, not included in the regulations are adopted, however prawnych.Tym already made to at least the term “water structure” adopt WHO guidelines for drinking water. Issues for some time, the water structure is the expert committee of the World Health Organization WHOWoda structured, especially contained in living organisms are characterized by asymmetry. Any asymmetry is a source of free energy. Examples of such systems are asymmetric potential difference (eg, the flow of water from a location above the location of the underlying flow electrons between the capacitor plates, etc.).

Depending on the type and intensity of the impacts, which in the past had a water contact, it has different properties. Research shows including specific spectroscopic spectrum of water and the specific impact on living organisms. These facts clearly show that the structured water has a kind of “memory.” Any information, including biological and can be passed crystalline structures of the water.

What is the memory of water?

Water is the carrier of information, a molecular memory, as evidenced by the French immunologist Jacques Benveniste in 1988, and later confirmed in a number of experiments, including Russian Bakhir.

Jacques Benveniste

The precursor of memory research water was founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann. The issue dealt with the Austrian researchers nature: Viktor Schauberger, Grander and include Johannn Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, a Russian S. Zenin and others.

Nervous provide only partial information, and other information, such as the demand for some nutrients the body to move water. Is water saturated with chemicals from outside the body is able to convey the right information? The subject is so fascinating that it’s stop at the chwilę.Woda structured part of the fresh fruits and vegetables. It can be obtained from melted ice or snow. It is this water – with a freshly squeezed juice or freshly melted snow runs rejuvenating and healing. Why? As soon as you understand the example mineralnej.Woda mineral water has healing through pre-coded information, which is absorbed by passing through the Earth’s crust. However, dissolved in water, mineral substances are obtained by the body only to a minimal extent (this will be discussed later). Such water can act so as homeopathic remedies! Similarly, water from snow and fresh juices – they have a whole series of coded information.

Water has information about the plant, which was squeezed juice. The plant, in turn, has information that flowed into it from the outside world: the time of day or night, the time of year, the abundance, structure and content of the soil, the strength of the magnetic field, the position of the sun and the stars, even the people who worked the plant, etc. Drinking such water or juice absorb all the information about a particular place and time. You take this life-giving energy. Adapts so in such a way to the miejsca.Podobnie is with animals. Their blood shall keep a lot of data, often horrific: despair, fear, terror. And how is their slaughter? Were at least once in a slaughterhouse meat plants? It is a horror movie. During slaughter, when some animals are slaughtered, others saw it, trying to back away, but they are not able to escape pushed by another crowding zwierzęta.W this point, shortly before the death of the animals body produces a whole bunch of hormones and other substances “stuffed” monstrous body cells stresem.Stan mental animals is carefully recorded in the structure of water. The result is a permanent trace meat agony. now “stuff” is all MY people. And the structure of water in our body receive adequate information. A later start various diseases … Could animal revenge from beyond the grave?

Someone probably try to define it all as nonsense pyramid. But when we look deeply, then we come to the conclusion that “something in it.” Why do some religions such ordinances allow only consume so. “Clean” foods, animal slaughter is done in a special way, and it is forbidden to consume any products have been added blood? Being a “memory” of water can be compared to the puzzle wildcards. these same letters can be arranged into different words with different meanings, carrying different information. Such letters in the case of water, the particles are. settings the way they are affected by many factors. way of setting – it’s a kind of “code” that contains a range of information and conferring the appropriate properties. Similarly, as in the case for example the genetic code of living organisms. “Code” that can be varied. Means that water molecules can change their setting as a result of electromagnetic interaction with the molecules of other compounds, from which water molecules are kontakt.Zmiana settings, information is changed and altered properties. For even better illustrate the problem, you can use the example of graphite and diamond. Both minerals – is coal. But how different are their properties? Graphite is black and brittle, and the diamond clear and hard. differences of these properties were caused by a different arrangement of atoms in crystals of both minerals.

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