Wheatgrass healing plant

Wheatgrass rebuilds red blood cells and lowers blood pressure.
* It cleanses the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract.
* Wheat grass has the characteristics of enriching the blood and thereby stimulates
metabolism and enzyme system. It also helps in reducing the
blood pressure by dilating blood vessels in the body tract.

wheat grass cup

* Stimulates the thyroid gland, preventing obesity, indigestion, and many other ailments.
It has a lot of alkaline minerals so that contributes to the
reduce excessive acidity of the blood. It can be used to
alleviating many of the internal injury, and has been used successfully in
treat stomach ulcers, ulcerative colitis,
constipation, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms.
* Helps detoxify the whole body and the function of the liver and the
blood. The enzymes and amino acids it contains protect against
carcinogens like no other, or medicine.
* Wheatgrass juice strengthens our cells, detoxifies the liver and
blood, and chemically neutralizes pollution.
* It fights cancer and neutralizes toxins. A recent study
show that wheatgrass juice has the ability to control
various types of cancer and to avoid the use of toxic
drugs, many active compounds in purified grass juice
our blood and neutralizes toxins in our cells.
* Wheat grass contains beneficial enzymes. No matter whether it is
finger cut yourself I want to heal as quickly as possible or do you want
lose five pounds … enzymes are responsible for both.
We are born with a certain amount of enzymes to serve us until the end of
life and this process can be naturally extended from the outside by
addition of exogenous enzymes, such as those found in grape juice
pszenizcznej grass as I każdż raw foods into character. Everything
what is cooked does not have enzymes, so that the high temperature it

* The juice of wheat grass has a remarkable similarity to our blood.
* The second important aspect is included in the chlorophyll which is
very similar to hemoglobin that carries oxygen in the blood.
Chlorophyll is soluble in fat particles that are
absorbed directly into the blood via the
absorbent, and is therefore chlorophyll is absorbed in this way
directly into our blood. In other words, when the “blood” of plants is
absorbed by the human transformed into human blood, which
transports nutrients to every cell of the body.
* Applied externally to the skin can help eliminate itching almost immediately.
Soothe sunburned skin and acts as an antiseptic.
* Rubbing the juice into the scalp before shampooing to help repair
damaged hair and alleviate itchy, scaly skin conditions
Wheat grass is soothing and healing for burns, scrapes,
rashes, poison ivy, fungal infections, insect bites, boils,
ulcers, open sores, tumors, and so on. Can be used as a
wrap which should be changed every 2 -4 hours.
* When placed in a bedroom near the head of the bed is able to
improve sleep thanks to an enrichment of oxygen from the air and producing
healthy negative ions to help you sleep more and calmer.
* Gargling wheatgrass juice sweetens breath and strengthens the gums

* Neutralizes toxic substances like cadmium, nicotine, strontium, mercury, and polyvinyl chloride.
Offers advantages in the form of transfusion liquid oxygen from the juice that is to say juice
the grass has called liquid oxygen. Oxygen is essential to many
body processes: it stimulates digestion (the oxidation of food), promotes
clearer thought (brain uses 25% of the oxygen in the body), and protects
blood against anaerobic bacteria such as cancer cells that
can not exist in the presence of oxygen
Restores gray hair to its natural color.
* Adds energy!!!!!!!
* Food that juice daily is ideal cosmetic procedure, which slows the aging process.
* Reduces the effects of radiation. One of the enzymes found in the juice of
wheatgrass SOD reduces the effects of radiation and acts
the anti-inflammatory cell injury after a heart attack.
* Restores Fertility

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