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Molfar is a man from the Hutsul region, endowed with paranormal abilities. It was accepted to call him a shaman, magician and healer who could foretell, charm, predict the future and heal. Today, to paraphrase the words of the song, we can say that the real Molfar are gone, because the last of them was murdered in 2011. And all this thanks to the eternal struggle between good and evil that the world experiences to this day …

Molfar in the Hutsuls culture
To this day, many difficulties are really understood by understanding the origin of the word “molfar”. It is widely accepted that Molfar, who is a Hutsul sorcerer, shaman, quack
and soothsayer, he got his name from molfy – an object enchanted for good or evil.

Therefore, the Huculi believe that golfers can be either good or bad (otherwise white or black).

Some find etymological similarities in the Romanian word “molfa”, which means “gibberish” and which may suggest that the shaman in a trance mumbles, meaning he speaks words in a language incomprehensible to anyone.

The world of Molfar is located in the wild, inaccessible, secluded mountain ranges of Czarnohora and Gorgany in the Hutsul region in western Ukraine.

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The Hutsuls were originally a Rusyn-Wallachian shepherd people. They lived off the beaten track, in isolation, away from the Christianized world. They burned with magic and rituals from the Neolithic era
and pagan beliefs.

Over time, neither their faith nor their practices changed. Molfar also today are considered traditional highlanders healers and spiritual guides who are able to heal people, predict the future and direct the forces of nature with divination, spells, herbs and magical objects.

Murder of the great shaman
On the evening of July 14, 2011, a huge tragedy took place for the Hutsul world.

In the tiny Carpathian village of Jasieniów Górny, 88-year-old Mychajło Neczaj was murdered in a small hut, considered the last true Hutsul molfar.

The murderer was a 33-year-old mentally ill man from Lviv who, as he explained, had to kill Neczaj, because he was a bad man, a “black” magician propagating paganism.

He was caught the day after the crime in the forest near Bukowiec. As he later claimed: “On the eve of the murder, I prayed all night and God allowed me to punish evil.”

The last Hutsul molfar predicted his death. That day he dressed festive and patiently waited for his destiny. He was found dead with several stab wounds to his neck.

Mage and healer
Mykhailo Neczaj, despite the fact that he was not a Hutsul, was known and admired throughout Ukraine. In his highlander’s hut, which led to the footbridge suspended over the waters of Czeremosz, he welcomed all those in need.

He was famous for healing powers, scaring away evil spirits, fighting spells, the ability to control the forces of nature and fortune-telling the future, and excellent ability to play the drum (pipe).

As he said about himself, he was a psychologist, sexologist, philosopher and ruler practicing white magic.

About wonderful skills and abilities in Ukraine were heard in September 1989, when at the request of local authorities he controlled the rain and dispersed clouds that would prevent the successful course of the “Red Ruta” festival in Chernivtsi.

From that moment, the thresholds of his house were crossed by the sick, pilgrims, the poor, the poor, the simple farmers who needed help, but also the politicians and show business stars whom Molfar healed, predicted the future, gave advice.

Neczaj could change the weather freely – make rainy weather sunny and vice versa. Stop the storm, hail, snow that could destroy crops and homes.

In the world of Molfar’s ideology
Molfar’s philosophy doesn’t seem too complicated. Man lives in a four-dimensional world, but every day he uses only one of them.

Neczaj was able to lead people into a trance that allowed them to reach the transition to the second dimension, where meetings and conversations with the souls of the dead took place.

He believed that the human soul could incarnate up to twelve times. He warned that by eating animal blood, eating black pudding, for example, we risk entering the soul after death in a hog or pig, which is a kind of penance for the sins committed.

Neczaj was half pagan and half Christian of the Orthodox religion who worshiped Mother Earth and her nature. He believed that opposing her and underestimating her gifts was a source of punishments that faced man during his earthly existence.

The last true Hutsul molfar warned of the effects of family karma, or God’s punishment. After the death of parents who sin on earth, their sins pass to the children up to the seventh generation.

That is why every year on the eve of Saint. John, or the night of Kupala Mychajło Neczaj lit a large bonfire and called the god of fire.

Three times jumping over a bonfire of couples or lonely people holding hands guaranteed clearing of all bad vibrations.

Water, which has the ability to capture, store and carry information, has similarly strong energy and energetic power, which is why it is so susceptible to spells and its healing power.

Neczaj had very large, broadly understood knowledge on every subject. He was valued among the Hutsuls not only because of his wonderful powers, but also for caring for tradition and saving knowledge of ancestors from oblivion.

Is his worthy successor living somewhere in the Hutsul region? As local stories proclaim, after Neczaj’s death there are no real molfar …

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