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What is the Reiki Healing for Mind and Body

The word Reiki is derived from Chinese and literally means “spiritual influence”. Today, it is associated with the healing method, whose creator is the Japanese master, c, doctor and founder of Usui-reiki-ryōhō (a system of spiritual healing). c, the word “rei” means “spirit or soul,” and “ki” can symbolize both soul and feelings, c, and mood. It is also a description of the life energy that permeates the universe and which is used for healing. Due to the lack of scientific confirmation of this system, it is included in unconventional medicine.

jak się nauczyć reiki, jak ćwiczyć

How does Reiki work?
Reiki is the art of using the energy of the Universe based on five principles that Mikao Usui passed on to his successors and which are still valid. These are: although today do not worry, although today do not get angry, although today be grateful, although today work honestly and although today be nice to others. According to Usui, Reiki is an energy that permeates everything and everyone. Each of us is influenced by it, but not all of us can draw on it so as to use it to improve the quality of our lives and the lives of others. Reiki is used to heal yourself and others, to heal your life and the lives of other people. In order for man to take full advantage of the universe’s energy, initiation is necessary, which is carried out by the Reiki master and which is based on three stages. The first initiation adapts the human energy system to reap the energy of Reiki and expands the possibilities of its consumption so that he can heal himself and others. The second initiation involves the transmission of three symbols that enable proper energy orientation (allows healing others at a distance) and also enables mental healing. The third initiation broadens the possibilities of man and allows him to initiate others. This is a master initiation.

How to use reiki?
Reiki is a way to achieve both physical and mental and spiritual harmony, which, in turn, according to the assumptions of Eastern medicine, is a guarantee of good health. Disorders of this harmony manifest themselves through health problems and problems in life. Reiki energy stimulates the human body to heal and eliminates energy blockades in chakras and meridians. A person who has Reiki initiation draws energy from the universe through the crown chakra and transfers it to the patient through the chakras on his hands, which he applies to specific places on the human body. Plants and animals can also be treated with Reiki.

That energy is not just a healing method. For many, it is also a system of living in such a way as to bring joy and a sense of accomplishment. Significant here are the principles that Mikao Usui gave, which are something like the five commandments. For many Reiki masters, these principles are a kind of moral code that they follow in their lives.

It should be noted here that there is no scientific confirmation of Reiki’s operation. So many will be quite skeptical about this healing method. However, there are people who, thanks to the Master initiation, changed their approach to life and found in it a way to heal their body and soul. What matters is what man believes, not what has been scientifically researched and confirmed.

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