Tuning Forks Kabbalah Tree of Life


The Kabbalah Tree of Life ARCHANGELS Set consists of 12 forks. There is one fork for each of the 10 Archangels in the Kabbalah Tree of Life. The 11th fork is the Voice of Shekinah which is associated with the Knowledge of the invisible non-sephira Da’ath and who resides in Malkuth. The 12th fork is the Holy Host of All the Archangels.

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1 KETER – The Crown Metatron
2 CHOKMAH – Wisdom Raziel
3 BINAH – Understanding Tzaphqiel
4 CHESED – Mercy/Love/Abundance Tzadkiel
5 GEBURAH – Severity/Justice/Judgement Kamael
6 TIPHARETH – Beauty Michael (Raphael)
7 NETZACH – Victory/Eternity Haniel
8 HOD – Glory/Reverberation/Splendor Raphael (Michael)
9 YESOD – The Foundation Gabriel
10 MALKUTH – The Kingdom Sandalphon
(and Shekinah)
DA’ATH – Knowledge/Void/Abyss/Voice of Shekinah Shekinah
(not an Archangel)
HOLY HOST of Archangels ALL Archangels

Metatron – The highest Archangel who presides over all the other Archangels. The tall Archangel. Guards the Divine Throne. The “Angel of Presence” who faces Divinity directly. Records good deeds and serves the Divine Merkabah (chariot). Assists in personal ascension. Twin brother of Archangel Sandalphon. Metatron lived as a human man, the prophet and scribe known as Enoch.

Raziel – Means “Secret of God”. Reveals the secret Divine mysteries of mankind and the Universe. Brings intuition, insight and heightened awareness allowing deep understanding of esoteric spiritual ideas by opening the Third Eye chakra. Wrote the Book of Wisdom revealing all earthly and cosmic secrets, which Raziel gave to Adam as he left the Garden of Eden.

Tzaphqiel – Means “Knowledge of God”. Tzaphqiel is the beholder of God. The Feminine aspect of Creation, emanating unconditional love, forgiveness, non-judgement and compassion. The Great Cosmic Mother.

Tzadkiel – Means “Righteouness or Justice of God”. The Angel of Mercy. The Great Alchemist. Invokes the violet flame of purification and transmutation. Assists with the alchemical process. Brings joy, benevolence, justice, liberation and freedom. Brings ability to perceive many things at the same time. Helps in matters of prosperity and money.

Kamael – Means “He who sees God”. Helps in all matters of the heart. Assists in the healing of the heart. Helps to develop our heart chakra and bring through the attributes of compassion, balanced love of Self and the unconditional extension of that Love for oneself to others. Assists with all mental activities. Brings concentration and focus resulting in breakthroughs in understanding. Assists with the healing of family relationships and friendships and reuniting twin flames. Helps you find missing items.

Michael – Means “He who is like God”. The Great Teacher of humanity. Brings expansion, leadership, courage, protection, faith, power and strength. Cuts away what is discordant, unwanted or no longer needed using his sword. Also cuts psychic ties to another. Call on Michael before you go to sleep. Note: some Kabbalists place Michael in HOD.

Haniel – Means “Glory, Grace or Love of God”. The Great Nurturer. Seals the love between humanity and God. Helps to enhance psychic powers and how to use crystals and natural healing remedies. Haniel is the master of the lessons of polarity and duality and of synchronicity, who brings together friends and lovers and then supports them in their relationships.

Raphael – Means “Healing of God”. The Great Healer. Heals, balances and makes whole both humankind, animals and Mother Gaia. Assists with healing your soul of present difficulties or past traumas. Warns of dangers ahead. Encourages devotion to causes. Inspires musicians, singers and composers. Note: some Kabbalists place Raphael in TIPHARETH.

Gabriel – Means “Strength of God”. Bringer of Light. Brings mercy, love, hope, comfort, calmness, gentleness, empathy, forgiveness and strength. Assists the path of ascension. Brings fertility and reproduction. Assists mothers at conception, throughout pregnancy, and at birth. Instructs souls for the nine months before they enter the world. Aids the process of adoption. Helps children and an adult’s inner child. The Great Messenger. Assists artists and those involved with communication, particularly writers.

Sandalphon – Means “Brother” referring to his twin brother Metatron. Metatron and Sandalphon are the only Archangels who had incarnations as human beings. Protects those in the physical world. Weaves garlands out of human prayers and sends them to Heaven where Metatron receives them and gives them to God.

Shekinah – Divine Presence or the presence of God whose voice is heard in Da’ath. The feminine indwelling presence of God that hovers in Malkuth. The presence of God in matter.


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